Style Without Sheen: Products to Help You Nail Your Wedding-Day Look

Style Without Sheen: Products to Help You Nail Your Wedding-Day Look

There is no doubt that you want to be the absolute greatest version of yourself on your wedding day. You have spent months agonizing over decisions while preparing for your dream wedding day. You may have even felt like you are drowning in the sea of details.

From finding the perfect dress, deciding on which filling for your cake, selecting the best photographer, reading contracts, it all can be a little overwhelming. As time winds down and your wedding day approaches, the decisions continue.  But these decisions are a little easier cause it is time to talk about your wedding day hair.

The days and weeks leading up to your wedding will be super busy. Many final details to wrap up that you may find yourself running out of time for pampering and proper hair care. And when the day finally arrives, understand that it is going to be a long one.

Starting early with getting ready, then photos with your girls, the ceremony, more pictures, and then the party. You cannot forget about how you treat and prepare your hair; cause, let’s face it, you want it to look incredible too.

To help you nail your wedding-day look, you will need hair products that can go the distance. And a sure-fire product that you must have on hand is some dry powder or dry shampoo, as some call it. This product can help give your locks the perfect lift it needs.

Girl with long blonde hair

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Why Do Many Hair Products Give a Shine or Sheen To Hair?

Shiny hair starts at the roots but sadly, all hair shines differently – especially if it is dyed. Have you ever wondered why some women’s hair is super shiny, and others (or yours) is not? The oils that your scalp produces play a considerable role in the lustre of your hair. You see, your scalp naturally creates an oil called sebum; this is what protects and nourishes your lovely locks. The sebum will slowly travel down the shaft of your hair, coating every strand and producing a sheen.

But the real key to shiny hair is simply the result of light bouncing off the hair strands and oils within your hair. And light reflects best off of smooth flat hair. Luckily, for women who don’t produce enough sebum or have frizzy hair, tons of hair products can help.

These hair products can help infuse oils into your hair while also smoothing out tiny fractures in the hair follicle that create the dreaded frizz and dullness. And the result, hair that “shine bright like a diamond.”

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How To Avoid Hair Sheen

If you are scouring the internet for a way to lessen the amount of sheen in your hair, get yourself some dry hair powder. Centuries ago, before the liquid shampoo, hair was simply freshened using a variety of crushed herbs – essentially a dry powder. Once liquid shampoo was created the dry shampoo era seemed to fade into darkness. But luckily, hair dresses around the world always kept them on hand and never let the product fully disappear. Now in today’s busy lifestyles, ripping and running everywhere, every day a dry powder or shampoo is a lifesaver!

What is “Dry Powder”?

Dry powders for your hair, also referred to as mattifying and texturizing powders – add lightweight volume and texture to your hair. These dry hair powders contain some rough particles like rice powder or silica silylate to create a matte surface by increasing the friction between hair strands. If your hair is thick, a dry powder can add some incredible texture, and they add volume to thin, fine hair. If you struggle with your hair turning greasy quickly and you don’t want to or have time to wash it every day, the dry shampoo may be your savior.

Dry powders or dry shampoo, as many people call them, can be a lifesaver when you don’t have time to wash your hair daily. If you are a busy boss babe that’s always going a million miles an hour, having a bottle of dry shampoo should be in your arsenal. And if you are looking for an all-natural dry shampoo, check out “Powder” by Hairstory. This fantastic product is perfect for all hair types. It is a dry shampoo recipe that naturally absorbs oils and reverses greasy hair leaving a lovely matte finish.

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