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5 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties, a fun way to celebrate with friends the grand send off into marriage the only way true besties can! 

Are you planning a bachelorette party but looking for something a little different? Tired of the typical parties with the same old themes? 

We will showcase for you 5 different bachelorette party idea to consider for your next celebration to make it an event to remember!

For the Makeup Lover

Makeup Bachelorette Party

Credit: Narcity

Is the bachelorette a creative type who loves makeup? Why not create your own custom colors? Companies like Lip Lab invite you and your party attendees to come in and create your very own unique individualized lip shades with help from a color expert. 

You can create the perfect color to complement your unique skin tone with your choice of finish, and scent. You’ll go home with a beautiful new pout customized just for you, a fun memory, and maybe the perfect shade to wear for the big day!

For the Hot Tub Enthusiast

Hot tub Bachelorette Party

Credit: If It’s Hip It’s Here

Wish you could combine relaxing in a hot tub while also taking in the sights outdoors and people-watching? 

Look no further as floating hot tubs can combine both the joy of gently cruising around a lake or river while also having your own private heated oasis. 

No paddling required! If you over-heat, jump out for a swim before coming back into the tub.

Not only that, you can up your game by decorating the floating hot tub to create a fun atmosphere. Bachelorette-themed decorations, lighting, and comfortable seating can add to the ambiance.

You may consider adding entertainment options such as portable sound system for musical james, drinks and snacks, and even plan games to be enjoyed while relaxing in the hot tub.

For the Coffee Queen

Coffee making at Bachelorette Party

Credit: Fulgen Coffee

Take your party for private coffee roasterie tour. Explore your local coffee roaster and learn all about where they source their beans, their roasting process, and the differences in coffee flavour profiles. 

Enjoy sampling different types of coffee, learn how to make different coffee drinks and try your hand at becoming a latte artist! 

If you find yourselves on a destination bachelorette and in another country perhaps, depending on the location of the coffee tour, you might have the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the local culture and traditions surrounding coffee production. 

Coffee tours can be a delightful and memorable way to celebrate the bride’s upcoming wedding while indulging in a shared passion for coffee.

For the Gravity Defier

acrobatics at Bachelorette Party

Credit: Class Pass

For those who enjoy moving their body and trying new things an aerial fitness class will take the bachelorette to new heights. Soar through the sky using the safety of suspended silks to reach new heights with your choice of yoga, dance, pilates and more. 

With options for all fitness levels aerial yoga, hoops, and silks will be sure to create a memorable bachelorette party, and work off some of those wedding nerves. As an added bonus, aerial acitviites make for extremely insta-worthy photos!

So, elevate your bachelorette celebration and make lasting memories, all while toning your muscles and having a blast!

For the Mixologist

mixing drinks at Bachelorette Party

Credit: Victoria’s High Country

For those who appreciate a cocktail, and want to upgrade the pregame to the next level why not try a mixology class? Learn about the history of cocktails as well as the fundamentals of making them. 

Become an expert in the use of bar tools, all things alcohol, and master some classic cocktail recipes, or come up with your own! Also you get to drink during this one!

No matter which party idea you decide (or more than one!) each party can be enhanced by male entertainment! 

Bonus: For the Rowdy Crowd

Exotique Men male dancer

Credit: Exotique Men

Listen ladies, we know that the point of a bachelorette party is to have a grand send-off with your gal pals. While some might consider it a tad cliche to go to a strip show, hiring a private dancer is also an option especially with some of the pairings on this list such as the floating hot tub.

Companies such as ExotiqueMen, based out of NYC, offer private male dancers to show up at your choice of location to add a touch of rowdiness to the party. They make it easy to reserve a dancer through their website, and prices typically start at $275 for a single dancer. 

To plan out the experience, you can always contact them to discuss availability, rates, and any specific requests you may have. Be sure to communicate your expectations and any specific preferences you have for the performance.

The primary goal of hiring a private dancer is to have fun and celebrate the upcoming wedding. Make sure the atmosphere remains lighthearted and enjoyable for everyone.