Brides wearing different shades of white wedding dresses

White Wedding Dress Colors (Pics + Inspo)

Most of us think white when we think wedding dresses. But is it really that simple?

In truth, wedding dress colors are a lot more varied than many brides believe. There are several different shades of white, all of which can create distinctly different impressions. Beyond that, wedding dress designers are expanding their color options more and more, meaning you don't have to settle for white or ivory if you don't want to. 

Wedding dress from Oscar de la Renta's first bridal collection in 2006

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Let's explore some of the most common traditional and non-traditional wedding dress colors.

White wedding dress color guide and palette


Pure White

Pure white is the whitest, brightest shade of white you can find. In fact, this shade of white is so bright that it sometimes gives off a bluish-purple hue.

Natural White

Natural white is not as stark as pure white. It is usually cooler-toned than diamond white or Ivory, but definitely warmer toned than pure white. In most cases, natural white has more of a silvery tinge.

Diamond White

Diamond white is sometimes called milk-white and is sometimes confused with ivory. It is creamier and warmer than natural white, but still not quite as warm as ivory.


Ivory has the warmest yellowish undertones of all the white shades. It often gives a classic vintage feel, as Ivory fabric sometimes looks aged in a beautifully classic way.