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How to Find Your Bridal Style

One of the first things you’ll decide for your wedding day is your bridal style: what your dress will look like, how you want to do your hair, and what accessories to add. Once you determine your style then the rest of the wedding will start to take shape.

So, how do you determine your bridal style? We have a few ideas on how to nail down the look and feel of your wedding attire.

Look to Your Personal Style

Looking at your everyday style is a great place to start. Think about what your home décor looks like, what type of jewelry you like to wear, and what shoes speak to you. Are you more of a modern minimalist or a colorful eclectic? You should also determine what styles best fit your body type and what silhouette is most flattering. No matter what, try to stay true to yourself and think about what you love most.

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Determine How You Want to Look

Once you’ve determined your overall style, it’s time to transition that style into a bridal look. Imagine how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What are you looking for in your wedding dress?
  • What do your dream wedding shoes look like?
  • What do you want to do with your hair and makeup?
  • Do you want a lot of accessories or keep things simple?
  • Will you wear a veil or opt for a headpiece or flowers?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever you choose.

Another easy thing to try is to sum up your wedding in 3 descriptive words. Do you imagine a classic or traditional church wedding, a modern and simple white wedding, or a natural, romantic, eco-friendly wedding?

Consider Other Wedding Aspects

To help determine your bridal style, look at your other wedding elements. Think about the time of year and venue you’re getting married. You don’t want a short, sleeveless wedding dress in winter or a long-sleeve, multi-tiered ball gown in summer.

It’s super important to consider your budget as well—that will determine how your overall look will come together. Guest count is another factor. Do you imagine getting dressed to the nines with an intimate ceremony in your parents’ backyard? Probably not.

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Do Your Research

We highly recommend getting wedding inspo from Pinterest and Instagram and checking out different wedding designer’s websites. See what you like and note what you don’t like as well. Having examples or a mood board will be super handy when you’re looking for your wedding gown, and your bridal consultant (and planner) will thank you later.

Take a Bridal Quiz

If you’re still stuck on nailing down your exact style, taking an online bridal quiz will help. Many quizzes will ask you about your interests, your wedding vision and other wedding-day elements. At the end of the quiz, you’ll be put into an overarching style category. Let’s break down some of those basic bridal styles so you can get a better idea of what you like.


Romantic bride in a field
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A romantic bride is going for soft, feminine, whimsical vibes. She’s more likely to wear something flowy with lots of airy tulle, floral applique, and intricate lace. This bride may choose a veil or go natural with a floral headpiece. As for makeup, choose soft, pink tones and a more natural nude or light pink lipstick.


Traditional bridal portrait with a veil and bouquet
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The traditional bride is going to keep things classic from her red lipstick to her sleek updo. She’s wearing a strapless ballgown or something structured and timeless. Pearl earrings and a diamond necklace round out her understated, elegant aesthetic.


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For our adventurous boho bride, she’s going for easygoing, vintage vibes. She’s trading a veil for a rustic hat or flower crown and loose waves in her hair. Think effortless, carefree, and fun. The dress is most likely crochet lace, with or without sleeves, and with little embellishment. She’s also picked a no-fuss silhouette—meaning something that’s flowy so she can move freely. Her makeup features earthy tones like bronze, peach, and terracotta.


Modern bride holding a bouquet near window
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The modern bride combines the classic and romantic style. She’s less traditional but still sleek and sophisticated. She’s also very trendy, but in a stylish way. Imagine chic hairpins, elegant earrings, bold lipstick, and dramatic eyes.


Glam bride standing near a flower wall
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Here comes the show-stopping bride! She’s pulling out all the stops for her wedding-day look—from her statement earrings to her bold makeup. She wants to be seen, so her dress is full of sparkle, embellishments, and feathers in a dramatic silhouette. If she wears a veil, it’s going to be long and grand, or she’ll opt for a large headpiece or tiara.


Rustic bride leaning on a wood fence
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Our rustic bride has a more romantic casual approach. We picture a sweet and simple lace gown in a soft silhouette. She’ll choose natural makeup and a sweet and simple hair style, paired with a small, colorful bouquet. There’s a good chance she’s wearing cowgirl boots under her dress too!


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This last category is a mixed bag of styles and can really be anything you want! Maybe it’s a short dress, colorful flats, and a birdcage veil. We can also picture a chic jumpsuit for the intimate nuptials—whether it’s an elopement, a backyard wedding or at the courthouse. There are no rules for this bride, and she’s going to wear whatever she feels like.

Once you put yourself into a style category, you can determine a subcategory if necessary. Example: instead of a glam wedding, are you going for art deco glam or old Hollywood glam? The options are endless, so remember to stay true to yourself and find something you’ll ultimately love.