dusty rose wedding

Wedding Colors: Meaning, Complementary Pairing, & More

Every detail of your wedding has a purpose. Every accent communicates something to your guest. Every shade you choose has the ability to relay a feeling. Learn how to conjure up a scene that matches the vision you have of your big day by creating a foundation full of wedding colors that serve a specific goal.

Cranberry shades thrive in the winter and sage looks like throughout the winter. Gold will highlight any event’s theme with a special romance and whites provide tradition all-year-round. Learn what your favorite color categories mean, how to match with other tones, what their best season is, and begin to understand how you can mold a certain ethos by mixing and matching certain pairings throughout the main event.

Pinks: Blush, Rose, Fuschia, Bubblegum, & More

dusty rose wedding

One of the most versatile shades and one that seems to be ultra-attractive to brides all around, pink hues are a classic staple of the wedding world. And that’s for good reason. It pairs nicely with others. It adds girlish charm. There’s also a light, whimsical quality that attaches itself easily to every theme or color pairing you have the ability to bring to life.

Meaning: Happiness, Harmony, Inner Peace, Youth, Universal Love (of oneself & others)

In Season: Spring & Summer

Complementary Pairings: Sage Green & Dusty Rose, Cherry Red & Bubblegum Pink, Blush Pink & Hazy Grey

Themes: Traditional, Fairy-tale, Bohemian

Whites: Off-White, Bright White, Cream, Ivory, Eggshell

It’s rare that a wedding is planned without a stitch of white in line of sight. The question the happy couple has to ask themselves is whether or not they want their shade of choice to be at the center of the event or used as a mere complementary tone. Either way, a bit of this tradition is welcomed anytime.

Meaning: Purity, Privilege, Newness, Tradition, Classicism

In Season: Year-Round

Complementary Pairings: All shades of white, Eggshell & Butter Yellow, Diamond-White & Black, Ivory & shades of green

Themes: Traditional, Modern, Luxury

Blacks: Midnight, Charcoal, Onyx, Gunmetal

Some couples may be seeking a dollop of mystery or edginess. If you’re seeking to create an event that feels just a bit different than the confines that guests may be used to, think about using a black hue as the main component of the night’s theme. There’s a certain air of warmth and curiosity that it will bring to the metaphorical and literal table.

Meaning: Elegance, Sophistication, Power, Mystery, Sensuality

In Season: Fall & Winter

Complementary Pairings: Onyx & Gold, Charcoal & Mauve, Midnight Black & Cream

Themes: Contemporary, Industrial/Edgy, Eclecticism


Some sparkle and shine never hurt a wedding. Silver tones are usually used as a mere accent but don’t be afraid of allowing a metallic beauty to stand on its own. These options have their own meanings and personality. And there’s a certain sophistication that a shining silver can bring to the forefront of the party that others don’t have the ability to do.

Meaning: Glamour, Luxury, Grace, Riches

In Season: Year Round, Preferable in Winter

Complementary Pairings: All neutrals or other metallic shades, Silver & Emerald, Silver & Plum, Silver & Turquoise

Themes: Luxury, Winter Wonderland, Industrial/Edgy, Artistic

Reds: Cranberry, Cherry, Merlot, Apple, & More

There’s something about a red wedding that draws guests in. It’s not as expected as one may think and there’s a passion that explodes throughout the details that you don’t get with other, more subtle tones. Reds are also more versatile than you may realize; being able to be placed with a variety of other colors and fit into a variety of differentiated themes.

Meaning: Passion, Drama, Love, Strength

In Season: Fall & Winter

Complementary Pairings: Merlot & Deep Greens, Classic Red & Metallics, Cranberry & Powder Blue, Cherry Red & Light Grey

Themes: Vintage, Bohemian, Romantic, Traditional

Purple: Lavender, Plum, Violet, Magenta, & More

purple wedding table with flowers

Purple feels like bouts of feminine power. It’s also one of the underdogs of the wedding world. You’d be surprised how fashion-forward and innovative your event will end up being if you decide to use purple tones throughout the details. What’s great about this color, in particular, is that varying shades of the foundation color itself play very nice together in one scene.

Meaning: Strength, Royalty, Femininity, Sophistication, Sensuality

In Season: Spring, Fall, & Winter

Complementary Pairings: Lavender & Charcoal, Plum & Organic Greens, Violet & Mint Green, Magenta & Blush Pink

Themes: Garden Party, Bohemian, Fairy-tale

Yellows: Butter, Sunflower, Mustard, & Chartreuse

butter yellow bridesmaids dresses

Some people just want to throw a really good party and there’s something about the perfect shade of yellow (for you) that will most certainly do the trick. Guests won’t be able to help but smile at a sea full of this charming color choice and it pairs so well with organic shades as well. It’s an overwhelming happy way to decorate the day.

Meaning: Joy, Positivity, Forward-Thinking, Hope, Happiness

In Season: Spring & Summer

Complementary Pairings: Butter & All Shades of Grey, Sunflower & Organic Greens, Mustard & Chocolate, Chartreuse & Ivory

Themes: Rustic, Vintage, Garden Party, Bohemian

Greens: Mint, Sage, Emerald, & More

all green wedding reception organic

For those that want subtle and natural and real, go with the greens. These shades are versatile too but will always add an element of realness to the event as well. It’s also super on-trend and vibes well with more minimalistic themes or visions.

Meaning: Nature, Revitalization, Growth, Harmony, Fertility

In Season: Year-Round

Complementary Pairings: All shades of green, All shades of green paired with shades of white, Mint & Gold, Emerald & Blacks,

Themes: Bohemian, Garden Party, Rustic, Vintage

Oranges: Burnt, Tangerine, Carrot, & More

orange and yellow wedding table spread

One of the most offbeat color choices is of the orange variety. But, it’s also one of the shades you should gravitate toward if you’re looking to plan a wedding with some eclectic or artistic elements. It also adds a pop of vivaciousness that’s perfect for celebrating.

Meaning: Enthusiasm, Creativity, Liveliness, Success, Encouragement

In Season: Spring & Summer

Complementary Pairings: Burnt Orange & Dusty Blue, Tangerine & Chartreuse, Carrot & Sunflower Yellow, Classic Orange & Gold

Themes: Garden Party, Bohemian, Fairy-tale, Artistic


Here’s another metallic option that will bring the sparkle and shine. For those looking for an evening of formality and poise, make sure you add some glittering golds to the mix. These accent other tones well, but remember it can serve as the main focus without a fuss as well.

Meaning: Luxury, Glamour, Success, Triumph

In Season: Year-Round

Complementary Pairings: Gold & shades of white, Gold & Grey, Gold & other metallics, Gold & Onyx

Themes: Traditional, Contemporary, Fairy-tale, Vintage

Blues: Powder, Royal, Sapphire, Gunmetal, & More

blue wedding dress and tux

And finally, there’s fan-favorite blue. Nearly everyone’s favorite color, blue is a great route to take when you want a welcoming ethos attached to the big day. Whether you decide to go with a light hue or one that’s a bit richer, you still get comfortable stability when opting for its calming nature.

Meaning: Trust & Loyalty, Comfort, Confidence, Stability, Peace

In Season: Year-Round

Complementary Pairings: Sapphire & Mint Green, Gunmetal & Diamond White, Royal Blue & Gold, Powder Blue & Mauve

Themes: Traditional, Modern, Fairy-tale, Artistic, Industrial/Edgy