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The “Hidden Costs” Newlyweds Often Overlook

Did you know that most couples forget some crucial expenses despite the many hours spent planning a wedding budget? Unfortunately, these fees can add up to a hefty unexpected bill, leaving many newlyweds stressed and worried about how they’ll be able to afford everything. As a newlywed couple, you should be enjoying your newlywed bliss rather than stressing about where the extra cash will come from. Check out these hidden wedding costs to ensure you’ve budgeted properly for your big day!

Wedding Stationery Postage

Sure! This isn’t a hidden wedding fee, but it’s one that you might not expect to be so costly. You might think, oh, stamps are just a tiny thing, and they don’t cost that much. But when you need to mail out hundreds of invitations and thank you cards, it can quickly add up!


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Wedding dresses are probably the most expensive piece of clothing you’ll ever buy. And you’ll want it to fit perfectly, so wedding dress alterations will be needed. Unfortunately, this is a hidden wedding fee in many cases because bridal boutiques don’t advertise that it’s an extra cost. 

Depending on how much alteration work needs to be done, you can expect to pay an average of $375 to have it fit perfectly. But, it can get up to $600 – $1000 if you want custom changes.

Ring Insurance

Engagement ring insurance is something that seldom crosses the minds of newlyweds. And what a big mistake that can be. But we get it! Amid the chaos of planning a wedding, there are a million decisions to make, things to pay for, and details to stress over. And all the wedding planning checklists you find out there don’t even mention it, so we can understand why it’s not on your mind. 

And for the couples that do think about engagement ring insurance, assume that their homeowners or renter insurance policy will cover it. Well, assuming can lead you to big problems down the road. Because the fact is this- many homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies DON’T cover loss or damage to the jewelry of any kind, much less your engagement and wedding rings.

So, rather than get stuck with paying for your engagement ring twice or forking over big bucks to repair it, get a jewelry insurance policy. And don’t wait until after you’re married! Get your jewelry insurance policy as soon as they say yes to your proposal. 

Of course, you can ask if it can be added to your homeowner’s policy, but getting a separate engagement ring insurance policy is really affordable. Most couples can expect to pay as little as $15 per month for an engagement ring insurance policy. So, why not get it? Trust us; it’ll save you much heartache and stress later. 

Yes! Wedding and engagement ring insurance is the real deal! Affordable and necessary. And we recommend you get one ASAP! Having a policy in place will ensure that you are covered in case of unexpected loss/damage.

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Vendor Meals

You probably didn’t even know this was a thing, did you? On your wedding day, it’s a common courtesy to feed your wedding vendors. While this is not mandatory, it is a nice gesture, especially for the vendors spending multiple hours at your wedding. They need to be hydrated and fed to stay focused and perform at their best.

Tips, Sales Tax & Service Charges

Although these aren’t necessarily hidden fees, many couples don’t even think about taxes, and fees will be added. And on your wedding day, couples frequently provide tips to vendors, and some suppliers charge service fees when offering specific services. Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching…it all adds up, baby. These fees should be added to your wedding budget to ensure that you don’t have to dip into your personal savings to cover them.

Corkage & Cake Cutting

Oh, yes! This is a huge hidden fee that most couples have no idea about. Whether or not you’ll be charged this price is determined by your venue and vendors. If your venue provides the wine and cake, these charges will be included in the fee you pay to your reception location. However, if you bring wine or a cake from a third-party vendor, your reception location will charge you to open each bottle of alcohol and slice the cake.

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Wedding Dress and Suit Dry Cleaning

After the big day, it’s your prerogative to decide what you will do with the wedding dress and suit. Whether you choose to donate it, sell it or keep it, make sure you get it to the dry cleaners first. This can rack up several hundred dollars, so make sure to factor this into your wedding budget.

Name Change Fees

Name change fees are an important hidden wedding fee to know about. If you plan to change your name after your “I Do’s,” there will be some fees to pay. While these may not be too costly, these hidden fees will need to be paid after the wedding. The average cost ranges from $50 – $250. 

Wedding costs are unavoidable expenses, we all know that. Everyone expects to pay for the venue, the cake, the catering, the dress, flowers, tuxedo, etc. But not knowing about hidden fees that may and will pop up can cause financial stress at the beginning of your marriage. Hiring a wedding planner can help you navigate the entire process of planning a wedding and knowing what hidden fees to expect.