Bride and groom holding a white cat
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5 Fun Ways to Incorporate Pets Into Your Wedding

Your pets are like your children, so it’s only natural to want to include them on your special day. There are so many ways to incorporate them into your wedding—from making them the star of your wedding favors to being involved in the ceremony!

No pets are off limits—dogs, cats, horses, even cows and goats (especially if you’re throwing a rustic barn wedding)! Here are five fun and easy ways to let them shine on your big day.

Adorable yorkie ring bearer Bride and groom kissing between horses

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Make Them Part of the Wedding Party

Having your pet stand in your wedding party is an adorable way to incorporate them into your big day. This will take some planning (and patience) for everyone involved, but look how cute that yorkie ring bearer is! We also love the flower crowns on the horses—perfect for walking the bride and groom down the aisle.

We recommend having lots of toys and treats around to keep them happy leading up to the ceremony—and hiring a sitter (one who’s good with pets) is a must. You don’t want to be responsible for keeping an eye on them while you’re trying to get dressed and look good for pre-ceremony pictures.

Dog holding a marriage sign for bride and groom

Engagement photo on the beach with a horse

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Bring Them Into Your Photos

If you don’t trust your pets for the actual ceremony, you can still have them with you. Bring them into your wedding photos after the ceremony. Give them a cute sign or dress them up in a fancy bow tie or cute hat!

Another option, if they can’t come to the venue, is to have them included in your engagement photos! Have your guests sign a big canvas with your family photo on it as an alternative guest book.

Pocket square with dog photo Custom dog and cat earrings


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Wear Their Photo As Part of Your Attire

This next idea is great on the actual wedding day, but it’s also something you’ll treasure for years to come. Find a way to incorporate your pet’s likeness into your wedding attire. This could be cuff links or earrings in the shape of your pet. For an extra-personal touch, have a pocket square or socks made with your pet’s face on them.

Signature cocktail sign with dogs Custom pet portrait wedding napkins

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Name a Signature Cocktail After Them

Cheers to your furry friends! We love this quirky idea of naming a cocktail after your pets. Some couples go with a funny pun or just rename a popular cocktail.

Some of our favorite options include:

  • Sweet “Sally” Tea (Deep Eddy’s sweet tea vodka, mint-infused lemonade)
  • The “Tex” (lime margarita)
  • The “Maggie” Mule or “Hallie-peño” Mule (vodka, ginger beer, & lime or jalapeño)
  • The “Jackson” (jack & coke)

If you’re not serving mixed drinks at your reception, provide personalized napkins or koozies with your pet featured on the design.

Wedding cake topper with bride and groom and cat silhouette Wedding cake topper with bride and groom and two dogs

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Include Them in Your Sweet Treats

One of the sweetest ways to include your furry friends is putting them on your wedding cake! These cake toppers are so cute, and they really allow your cat or dog to shine. We’ve also seen “peek-a-boo” pets—a small fondant version of your dog or cat peeking out of your bottom cake layer.

If you’re not doing a traditional wedding cake, have special cookies made in the shape of your pet. You could also include a photo of them on a wedding favor bag filled with candy. Trust us, your guests will love this super sweet tribute.