solve your wedding planning dilemmas by doing what makes you happy, like getting a wedding bounce house!
Image by Dewitt for Love Photography

The answer to all your wedding planning dilemmas

We know what you're thinking. “There can't possibly be just ONE answer to ALL my wedding planning problems! How can one answer solve all my budget challenges, the dilemma of whether or not to give my friend a plus one, and the debate between having a band or a DJ?” Lucky for you though, there really is one answer that can solve every single issue you're facing while planning and here it is. Are you ready? Drum roll please…

Do what makes you happy!

Seriously, that's it. Here at Nearly Newlywed we operate under the mantra of “do what makes you happy.” These words of wisdom can be applied to all parts of your life, but especially to your wedding.

“It's NOT that easy,” (see, we really can read your mind). But it is that easy if you stop and look at the outcomes of your choices. Break down each decision into two results – more happy or less happy.  Not the what-if situations that could arise from each decision, just what the outcome of each decision means.

We understand sometimes it's not as simple as deciding between chicken or beef, but the mantra remains the same. Do what makes you happy and if a difficult decision arises, pick the option that will make you happiest (or the least unhappy if it's a no-win situation).

Is your spouse-to-be dead set on wanting guests seated at long reception tables but you're firm on your round table stance? Stop and ask yourself what will make you happier – your partner having a say in the decision or the round tables?

Do we get a photographer or a videographer, our budget only allows one?  Look at the happiness long term – will you be happier to sit down and make a date night out of reliving your wedding day by watching the video and listening to your vows or will you be happier to flip open a book or go on social media and scroll through your photos?

Mom insist on you inviting your aunt who you can't stand but mom's pitching in to pay for the wedding?  What will make you less unhappy – your mom being upset and possibly cutting funding or your aunt being in attendance?

Have your heart set on a Vera Wang wedding gown but it's completely out of your budget? In that case, check Nearly Newlywed for a budget-friendly pricetag on the dress you've been eyeing. Sorry, we couldn't resist. But in all seriousness, what will make you happier – wearing your dream dress on your big day and having to skimp to make up for the money you spent or not having the dress you want and being able to afford something in its place, like an extra night of honeymoon, a few more guests on your list, or even a house down-payment? There's no right or wrong answer.

At the end of the day you need to do what will make you (and your partner) happy. After all, it's YOUR wedding, and you two will be the ones looking back on it for the rest of your life. Choosing yourself and your happiness can be hard, we're not saying it's going to be easy. But putting your needs first (politely, we're not saying go full bridezilla) will make you happier at the end of the day and will help with the realization it's not worth sweating the small stuff.

Featured image by Dewitt for Love Photography