Childhood Friends Turned Bride and Groom in this Shabby Chic Styled Proposal in Pisa, Italy

From Claudia, the planner: 

“Ruben and Fernanda first met when they were children in the same neighbourhood in Sao Paulo in Brazil and use to play together as kids. They have grown up as sweet-heart-kids until their college years when their studies temporarily took them apart. Fernanda met Ruben again few years later during a fashion show of the Maison for which he works and since then they never lived apart.

Fernanda and Ruben’s love story caught us totally unprepared: Ruben contacted our team when they arrived in Italy asking us to organize a special evening for him and his partner during which he would propose to her.

We immediately embraced his request and our first commitment was to find the most suitable location for the type of evening that Ruben had in mind. Ruben provided us with just few but very precise details: a romantic evening, with a shabby-chic setting (Fernanda’s favorite style) and a panoramic view as a backdrop.

We chose a private terrace with a breath-taking view of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, terracotta columns and a lush green lawn as a carpet. The table set with colored glasses and blown glass plates, decorative compositions made with brightly colored flowers, a sofa set up with colored draperies in the nearby corner: all these elements gave a touch of eccentricity to the whole setting.

And so, at the end of a long day spent around the Tuscany coast, Ruben drove Fernanda back to Pisa with the excuse of having dinner in a quiet restaurant in the city. When they arrived on the panoramic terrace, the surprise was great for both of them. No detail was left out including the surprise of a beautiful long dress, in shabby-chic style, chosen by Ruben for Fernanda that she wore for the evening. Fernanda’s emotion in seeing Ruben kneel cannot be described in words, as well as his excitement when she replied “Yes, I do”.

Their emotion was so intense that it could almost be touched.”

Photographer: Tomaso Maria Pedrotti Dell’Acqua | Stylist/Planner: Your Wedding in Florence | Floral Designer: Lisa Pratelli | Venue: Domus Comeliana | Food and Dessert: Francesco Chiavacci Chef