Iceland’s Snow-Covered Landscape and Little Black Church Was the Perfect Backdrop for Adria and Ron’s Elegant Destination Wedding

From Teri, the photographer: 

“Adria and Ron wanted to put together a ‘declaration of love’ with a few awesome details. The celebration took place in the quiet western peninsula of Iceland at a tiny black church where the mountains and ocean collide. Their family and dearest friends gathered at the Hotel Budir to spend the weekend together and to take part in the festivities.

Snow covered the ground. Shades of purple and blue danced through the sky by day. The vibrant northern lights painted the sky by night much to everyone's excitement. The snowy mountains created a majestic backdrop for a dramatic first look while the couple's guests watched from the hotel lounge.

The wedding party, clad in elegant black gowns and suits, hiked up the hill to the infamous little black church. The ceremony opened with everyone sharing their thoughts on love through poems, quotes, and stories. Adria and Ron's intimate first dance took place on a snowy patch atop the hill and a champagne brunch followed. Adria, Ron, and I went out for portraits around the snæfellsnes peninsula and we ended the day with dinner upstairs, confetti, northern lights and a bonfire on the beach.”

Photographer: Teri B Photography | Venue: Hotel Budir