Personalized Rustic Wooden Directional Signs (Set of 5) from Sweet NC Collective

Awesome Etsy Wedding Finds: Signs

Clearly, we love spending time on Etsy. It is hard not to love all the quirky and unique products made by thousands of independent designers and makers. And when it comes to weddings, one of the most popular categories is wedding signs.

While Etsy has thousands of wedding-related items, we decided to spend some time picking our favorites. Today, we’re bringing 12 wedding sign ideas to the forefront. Let’s dive in and snag some beautiful bouts of inspiration.

These cute and whimsical wedding welcome pieces make great decor choices for brides looking for that extra touch. Keep in mind though, the vast majority of wedding signs on Etsy are rustic or vintage, with classic wooden styles prominent too. All the signs we saw are customizable and able to be personalized for you.

From the traditional wedding reception “welcome, to outdoor directional designs, to displaying the menu for the dinner buffet, there are a lot of fun ideas. Here’s our picks for the Top 12 Etsy Wedding Sign ideas for your inspiration:

12 Wedding Signs to Personalize from Etsy

Rustic Wooden Directional Signs (Set of 5) | Sweet NC Collective | $134

Personalized Rustic Wooden Directional Signs (Set of 5) from Sweet NC Collective

First up on the list are these adorable signs that mark the path to all of the festivities. They come in a set of five so you should be covered from all ends of the event. Personalize, check out, and you’ll be one more step closer to a detailed wedding day.

Round Wooden Welcome Sign | Small Town Timbers | $40+Round Wooden Custom Welcome Sign from Small Town Timbers

If you’re looking for a welcome sign to serve as the first impression for all your guests – this round beauty is a great choice. The shape provides a contemporary spin on the classic, rustic appeal and we love how this one was styled with a bit of greenery as well. These are easily customizable and serve budgets nicely.

Take Your Top Off Wall Bottle Opener | Sweet NC Collective | $45

This sign is both fun and functional. Have this set up somewhere around the reception as a usable, conversational piece. What’s extra special about this design is that you can take it home after serving as a great look new addition to the home and as a continuous memory of your big day!

Metal Mr. & Mrs. Sign | Metal Unlimited | $39.95+

Metal Mr. & Mrs. Sign from Metal Unlimited

For those that want less rusticism and more edge, think about shopping around for a metal sign. This too can be a piece that’s hung at the reception behind the sweetheart table and be taken home as a lifelong fixture in the happy couple’s home.

Wooden Dessert Table Sign | Wood B Bridal Company | $28.95

“You Are The Icing On My Cupcake” Cake Table Sign from Wood B Bridal Company

How sweet are these little cuties? Add some personalization to some of the reception tables by ordering up personalized bits like this. They’re a great way to sprinkle highlights around dessert or cake tables.

Acrylic Drink Menu Sign | Rich Design Co | $53.95+

Acrylic Drink Menu Sign from Rich Design Co

We’re loving the new acrylic trend that’s going around not only in the wedding world but throughout the interior design realm as well. Showcase the bar menu with one of these contemporary beauties. It’s the perfect match for boho-contemporary visions or ones with a more modern appeal.

Printed Wedding Welcome & Program Sign | Rubi & Lib | $20+

Printed signs are a possibility as well. These, too, are easily customizable and can be printed and shipped. We love how you can then create a display that fits your vision. Frame it or place it on an easel, the styling is up to you.

Dancing Shoes Printable | Smitten Paper Props | $6.29

How adorable is this sign? You can buy it and immediately get the print e-mailed to you and readily downloadable. Then you can frame it and have it ready for your reception in no time. From more contemporary spaces to a beach celebration – it works!

Rustic Floral Welcome Signs | Art Home Boutique | $16

There’s an option for those that want something a bit more on the artistic side as well. Not only will this be a beautiful welcoming piece for your guest but it’s a stunning way to decorate the ceremony space as well. Colors and themes can be reinforced with additions that are functional and have their own style.

Assorted Acrylic Sign Designs | PinkPosiesandPearls | $12.49+

Acrylic Wedding Sign from PinkPosiesandPearls

Even the spaces that you’re designating to a loved one that can’t be there physically can be topped off with pieces that explain and transform the area to match the day’s vision. Here we see the acrylic trend being utilized again – in a way that fits the contemporary, minimalistic route.

Wedding Hashtag Sign | Karma K Weddings | $6

As we all know, wedding hashtags are really trendy … or should we say … trending. You want to find a way to relay that info to all your guests so you’ll be able to easily look up snapshots of the night online. We a sign like this, you can do just that.

Reserved Hanging Wooden Sign | Manifest Market | $5+

Wooden Reserved Hanging Wooden Sign from Manifest Market

And finally, you can find these “Reserved” signs all over Etsy in a variety of styles. These are great for marking VIP seating arrangements or areas at the ceremony or the reception. These particular designs are made of wood and hand paints.