Atelier Pronovias: 2022 Opera Collection

European flair with a focus on Italian art, these opera-inspired designs are sweeping the bridal scene.

Known for luxury and their popularity among modern brides, Pronovias has released a brand new line of wedding gowns which focuses on haute couture fashion from the firm’s chief artistic director, Alessandra Rinaudo. The Atelier Pronovias 2022 bridal lookbook is filled with pages featuring the “Opera Collection” which is full of equal parts magic and sophistication.

Pronovias is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain and has created European poise and inspiration throughout the years and collections. What is so extraordinary about their newest creations is that it comes on the heels of a year where the bridal industry, like others, had to take a sideline. And the gowns that are ready to walk the runway are prepared to breathe life back into this corner of our world.

About the Collection:

As mentioned previously, the Atelier Pronovias: Opera Collection was created by Chief Artistic Director, Alessandra Rinaudo, and “inspired by the world of opera to create a unique haute couture collection that fuses art, fashion, and beauty.”

Dipped in drama and soaking in red carpet feels, these are the gowns you choose to wear when you are dreaming of making a memorable entrance. One that is filled with grace, timelessness, and a bit of old-age appeal. And if you’re a fan of the opera, you will be smitten to behold some of the designs that have been inspired by the likes of Carmen and Swan Lake.

And like all beautiful wedding gowns – and full collections – the beauty is truly in the details. From the flowing, silk fabrics to the bold sensuality, to merely mention these fine points would never do the art justice. Instead, allow us to shine a light on some of the fast favorites that will be found throughout the lookbooks:

  • Feminine silhouettes that drape across the body naturally – and precisely – with beautifully-made pleats and folds.
  • Luxury fabrics including silk mikado, organza and upgraded crepe.
  • Intricate ornamentation including embroidery, sequins, silk flowers, and stones.
  • Volume in new areas including structured sleeves.
  • Eco-certified designs for the #WeDoEco movement.
  • Feminine and light A-line skirts and mermaid shapes.
  • Available in extended sizing to fit and cater to all body sizes and types.

Watch this video on Pronovias 2022 Operation Collection.

More About the Brand:

Pronovias base may be Spain but their reach is wide by dressing brides in over 100 countries, known throughout the most influential fashion capitals, and has become the only bridal company to be ranked in Deloitte’s Top 100 in Luxury – selling bridal and evening gowns in 46 Pronovias’ own stores as well at 3,800 independent points of sale.

They are also known for their trending #WeDoEco which illuminates dresses that have been made to be 100% sustainable and eco-certified (being made of 100% recycled glass and PET bottles.

Peep the Gowns

Pronovias Piercy gown

Just skimming through the pages of the lookbook, you will find details found in our most timeless of bridal treasures mixed with intricacies fit for the drama one may stumble upon  in Italian theatre.

For starters, just look at the showstopping design above. Dubbed “Piercy,” this Spanish-inspired gown is filled with a bohemian, carefree attitude and sewn with the spirit of flamenco in mind.

And below we have a ball gown that looks to be paying homage to our favorite rock opera – Evita. The updated details on the classic ball gown include a cinched waist and beaded lining accentuating a natural, womanly figure.

Pronovias Evita gown

Next up, with the 3-D floral appliques is “Savoy,” which feels very much like a princess meeting our favorite dancers at Swan Lake. As you can see with just these first three creations, each piece is different with its own story to tell and its own details that illuminate the entire ensemble.

Pronovias Savoy gown

Atelier Pronovias: 2022 Opera Collection Gallery