15 Quirky Party Favors Guests Won’t Just Throw Out

Party favors can be a really special memento from your wedding day. It’s the chance to get creative and show off your personality as a couple! Don’t waste your time (and money) on little personalized mint canisters or monogrammed pens—a.k.a. favors that will most likely get tossed in the trash. Here are some fun and quirky party favors that your guests will actually want to keep.

1. A small succulent plant or cactus

Cactus wedding favor Succulent wedding favors

Courtesy: shutterfly.com, hitched.co.uk

Let love grow! Your guests may not have a green thumb, so gift them a plant that’s already thriving. A small succulent or cactus is super low maintenance and will brighten up any windowsill, patio, or desk. Use the favor as a place setting for your garden wedding.

2. A candy/sweets station with to-go bags

Sweets station with to-go bags

Courtesy: tailoredfitphotography.com

Who can say no to a midnight snack? Especially if it’s a buffet full of sweet treats! Set up a variety of cookies, candy, or whatever your heart desires and include mini bags for your guests to take home with them. They’ll love having a variety of options to choose from.

3. Scented candles

Candle wedding favors

Courtesy: brides.com

A candle is a wonderful gift that will last beyond your wedding day. Pick a scent that represents your personal style as a couple or the theme of your wedding. Did you say “I do” in a garden? Choose a floral scent. Did you throw a Mexican fiesta? Go for a spiced rum scent. The options are endless! For an extra touch, add a personalized message to the lid.

4. Luggage tag

Luggage tag wedding favor

Courtesy: myweddingfavors.com

Planning a destination wedding, or do you and your fiancé just love to travel? Go for a super useful luggage tag! It’s something everyone needs but rarely buy for themselves. Your guests will thank you later when they can easily spot their all-black suitcase that looks just like everyone else’s.

5. A bottle opener

Nautical bottle opener Pineapple bottle openers

Courtesy: myweddingfavors.com, marthastewart.com

An extra bottle opener is super handy to have around. With so many different design options, you’re sure to find something that fits your wedding theme. Plus, every time your guest cracks open a cold one, they’ll think of you!

6. Olive oil

Olive oil favors

Courtesy: hitched.co.uk

A practical gift that everyone can find a use for! A mini bottle of extra virgin olive oil is the perfect pick to honor your Greek heritage or for couples that love to cook. Add a small gift tag with a thank-you message to your guests for an extra-special touch.

7. Seasonal Spice Blend

Spice blend wedding favor

Courtesy: theknot.com

Looking to spice up your reception? Create your own personal spice blend and bottle them up for your guests. All of their future meals will be seasoned with your love. A custom label with you and your fiancé’s face on them is an extra-hilarious bonus.

8. Lego piecesLego figurine favors

Courtesy: hitched.co.uk

This wedding favor will be a hit with all ages! Channel your inner kid with personalized lego figurines of the bride and groom. For a smaller wedding, transform each guest into a lego! Your guests will surely talk about this gift years after your wedding day.

9. Coasters

Personalized tile coasters Map coasters

Courtesy: womangettingmarried.com

“Coast” into married life with these cool and colorful coasters. Your guests will love a gift that will last for many years. Find inexpensive tiles online and stamp them with your wedding logo or a custom message on the back. Or do a map design featuring the city you got married in!

10. Mini champagne bottles

Champagne wedding favors

Courtesy: womangettingmarried.com

Bottoms up! Keep the party going with cute mini bottles of champagne. Of course, don’t let your guests open these immediately and then drive home. Give them a non-chilled bottle and encourage them to pop it open on your 1-year anniversary!

11. Coffee

Coffee assortment wedding favors

Courtesy: womangettingmarried.com

Not much of a drinker? Go for coffee instead! A small bag of coffee beans or a special blend of ground coffee is perfect for your guests to enjoy the morning after your wedding. Give a his-and-her option featuring you and your fiancé’s favorite blends.

12. Coffee or tea mugs

Coffee mug wall

Courtesy: wedding-venues.co.uk

This party favor is a TEA-riffic choice for coffee or tea lovers. Skip the cliché monogrammed mugs that all look the same and instead choose individual mugs full of personality. Make these mugs work double duty by attaching a tee bag with your guest’s name and table number on them. Trust us, your guests will sip and savor this favor forever! (PS, we’re just loving this mug wall here!)

13. Book

Book wedding favors

Courtesy: wedding-venues.co.uk

Time to CHECK OUT this next unique wedding favor. You found your happily ever after, now inspire others to find theirs! Scour your local book shops for copies of your favorite novels or romantic tale. Wrap them up with a cute library card-style note.

14. Pizza cutter

Mini pizza cutter favor

Courtesy: myweddingfavors.com

This next favor takes the PIE, a pizza pie that is. Give your guests a slice of your love with a mini pizza cutter. It’s quirky, fun and your Italian relatives will love it more than Jordan almonds. Plus, it comes in a tiny pizza box. Now that’s amore!

15. Lotto ticket

Lottery ticket favor

Courtesy: womangettingmarried.com

You and your fiancé were lucky in love—share the luck with your wedding guests! A scratch-off ticket will have your friends and family dying to open your party favor. Plus, if they win big they may split the cash with you.