12 Incredible Bridal Party Photos (& How to Recreate Them)

12 Incredible Bridal Party Photos (& How to Recreate Them)

There’s nothing like a perfect wedding photo. We’re talking about that jaw-dropping, amazing photo that everyone will talk about when the wedding is over. Most of the time it’s of the bride and groom, but sometimes that stunning portrait includes the entire wedding party. Here’s a look at our favorite bridal party photos and how to make them your own!

Long Party Line

Wedding Party In The Street

Courtesy: Azzura Photography 

Why we love it: 

This first bridal party pic is totally eye-catching! This pose is a MUST for a larger wedding party because the long, straight line makes for a cool horizon effect. Having the wedding party in the middle of the street or even in a large field adds an extra-cool photography layer. 

How to recreate it:

Spread your wedding party out in one long line. Line up the groomsmen first and then add a bridesmaid into the line so that it’s guy/girl every other person. Have the bride and groom stand in the middle of the group and step forward a few steps. Have the whole party walk forward at the same pace and have everyone look straight or have couples look at each other.

Looking Up

Cheers From The Bridesmaids

Courtesy: Chris Joriann Fine Photography 

Why we love it: 

We love the perspective on this photo. It shows sisterhood, unity and celebration of the bride. It also shows a cool view of the bridesmaid dresses.

How to recreate it:

The easiest way to capture this photo is to have the photographer lay down on the ground first. He or she will lay down on their back and tilt the camera up to the ceiling. Once the photographer is set, have the bride and all of the bridesmaids grab a glass. Since this is a photo to take while getting ready, add the bride’s mother or grandmother too! Have everyone spread out in a circle and extend their arms out to toast to the bride.

Jumping for Joy

Jumping For Wedding Joy

Courtesy: Rustic Folk Weddings

Why we love it:

This wedding photo pushes all the boundaries. We love how fun and playful it is. Plus, it’s super unique! Your wedding party will definitely remember this moment from your big day.

How to recreate it:

This photo isn’t as dangerous as it looks, if you execute it correctly. Find a spot to have the bride and bridesmaids sit—on the curb or on a short set of stairs. Have them squeeze close together and ask everyone to make a “scared” or “excited” face! The guys will probably want to stretch before taking a giant leap in the air. The goal is to have it look like they’re jumping over the bride and bridesmaids without actually doing it. Count them down to make sure they jump at the same time. Ask the guys to bend their legs up as far as they can go so it looks like they’re really jumping over the bride and bridesmaids. The photographer will get the best angle sitting on the ground or even laying down to ensure the guys look truly elevated.

The Right Frame of Mind

Newlyweds In A Frame

Courtesy: Crystal Madsen Photography

Why we love it:

The bride and groom are the focal point in this photo, but we love how the depth of field adds an extra dimension. Plus, the whole bridal party is literally surrounding the couple with love and support. (Aww!) Bonus points for a stunning backdrop!

How to recreate it:

Have the bride and groom stand back several feet from the rest of the bridal party. They should stand close together in an embrace or even kiss! The wedding party should split up and stand on both sides of the frame, holding it up. The photographer can play around on how far or close they want to get to the bridal party.

Stay Focused

Wedding Party Depth Of Field

Courtesy: Jason & Anna Photography

Why we love it:

There are so many reasons to love these photos. One of the cool things about this photo is how close you get to the bride and groom’s face. It really allows you to focus closely on the brides’ makeup and jewelry and see how nice the groom looks in his suit or tux. We also love the symbolism of this photo that a bride and groom make two halves into a whole person—a beautiful sentiment when tying the knot. 

How to recreate it:

Set up the bridal party first. Have the guys and girls stand close together in a line. Then, scoot the bride and groom up a few feet so that you can still see the party in the background. Frame the photo so that only half of the bride or groom are featured. To get the cool depth of field effect, make the bride/groom the focal point and have the photographer get close to their face so that they’re perfectly sharp. The background will be slightly blurred with a wider aperture and a large focal length.

A Window to the Soul

Wedding Kiss Through The Window

Courtesy: Zoe Rain Photography

Why we love it:

What a fun pose! This photo works really well if you’re getting ready on the second floor. We also love the turquoise colors and cool brick exterior.

How to recreate it:

Have the bridesmaids spread out along the windows on the second floor and open up a few of the windows. The bride should be in the middle of one of the windows, with the other bridesmaids looking towards her with fun and playful reactions. The guys can take off their jackets for a more casual look, but keep the groom dressed to the nines so he stands out even more. Have the guys gather together and carefully lift the groom up to his bride on the second floor. Keep him stable and have all the guys look up to the bride above. The photographer should have a tight frame on both levels of the building so you can get the entire party in the photo.

Keeping the Bridal Reveal Real

Bridal Reveal To The Bridesmaids

Courtesy: Perry Vaile Photography

Why we love it:

The expressions on these bridesmaids’ faces are priceless! It’s the first time they’re seeing the bride ready head to toe, and a flood of emotions are filling up. This is a super special moment and can only be captured once!

How to recreate it:

First, have the bridesmaids get close together or line up. When they’re ready for the big reveal, have them close their eyes and slowly bring the bride to them. Get the camera close to the back of the brides’ shoulder, on the same side where the bridesmaids are standing. Be sure you get a glimpse of her stunning veil too! You’ll want to use a manual focus so you can blur the bride in front of you and really focus on the bridesmaids’ reactions. When you’re all set, have the bridesmaids open their eyes and take multiple photos of their reactions. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this shot!

Get Carried Away

Bride & Groom In The Air

Courtesy: Maureen Cotton Weddings

Why we love it:

You can see the pure joy on the bride and groom’s faces now that they’re married. Plus, the weight of wedding planning is finally off their shoulders, so it’s time to celebrate!

How to recreate it:

Separate the bridal party into two sections—bridesmaids on one side and groomsmen on the other. At the same time, have the bride and groom gently lean back into a “trust fall” into the arms of their bridal party. Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen carefully grab onto the bride and groom. The party should bend down and stand up at the same time to lift the newlyweds into the air. Once they’re in the air, have the couple hold hands and stretch out their arms into a celebratory pose! Quickly snap a few photos before carefully lowering the newlyweds to the ground.

It’s a Sign

Happily Ever After In The Vineyard

Courtesy: John Schnack Photography

Why we love it:

We love a good prop! We like that you can show off the beautiful bridal party and part of the stunning wedding venue at the same time.

How to recreate it:

Split the bridal party into two groups—bridesmaids and groomsmen. Have the groomsmen stand in the back and spread out into a line, standing very close together. Have some of the shorter bridesmaids stand in front of them and lean close together. If you have a larger bridal party, some of the bridesmaids may need to squat down together. The bride and groom will stand in the middle of the group, posing close together. Have signs, balloons or any other fun prop ready to hand out to the bridal party once the group is set. The photographer should stand back a few feet, ensuring that the signs are still legible and that you can see part of the group’s beautiful surroundings.

Be a Hero

Groomsmen Are Superheroes

Courtesy: Hoffer Photography

Why we love it:

This pose is perfect for any die-hard superhero fans. What a cool way to show off some attire accessories that nobody would ever see! The biggest decision you have to make is…Team DC or Team Marvel?

How to recreate it:

Line up the groomsmen in a row with the groom standing in the middle just a few steps ahead. The bride and bridesmaids will stand behind the groom and groomsmen, holding their button-down shirts open and keeping the tie out of the way. Leave the top button and a few of the bottom buttons closed, revealing only the symbol in the middle of the groom and groomsmen’s chest. Have the men look in the same direction towards the far-off distance, ready to fight any villains or ex-boyfriends that may appear!

Get Bedhead

Bridesmaids Jumping On The Bed

Courtesy: Il Marie Photography

Why we love it:

This is SO. MUCH. FUN! We love how carefree the bride and bridesmaids look as they jump for joy while getting ready for the big day. 

How to recreate it:

Have the girls stand on the bed in the hotel room where they’re getting ready. Have everyone wear their “getting ready” clothes and spread out so they have room to jump. (Bonus points if everyone is wearing matching t-shirts or cute floral robes.) Count down the bridal party so they leap at the same time in the air. For an elevated pose, have the photographer crouch down on the floor and tilt the camera up so the bride and bridesmaids look higher in the air. Feel free to blast some fun music to get everyone pumped!

Newlywed Frame

Kissing On The Beach

Courtesy: P. L. Carrillo Photography

Why we love it:

We totally dig the framing of this photo. The bride and groom are the center of attention, but the focal point is the bridal party in the background. It’s an inverted approach to the depth of field pose we looked at earlier.

How to recreate it:

The photographer should have the bride and groom stand about two feet apart and face each other. While they’re waiting to pose, have the bridal party step back several feet and get close together or even squat down in a clump. Have them lift their hands in the air in celebration! Once the bridal party is set, the bride and groom can hold hands and lean in for a kiss. Be sure the photographer can still see the bridal party underneath the arch made by the bride and groom. For a clear view of the bridal party, have the photographer get close to the bride and groom and use a manual focus on the background.