Wedding cake alternative sweets and candy bar.
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Wedding cake alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth

Wedding cake is great, but sometimes it's not the dessert you're looking for to celebrate your big day. And frankly, not everyone likes cake. Dessert is too good of a meal to pass up, and even if it's not your favorite part of dinner, your guests will definitely appreciate having a sweet bite to eat during the event. With so many alternatives to choose from, you might find yourself questioning if you can skip dinner entirely and just serve dessert!



Frosting, no frosting, sprinkles, no sprinkles, powdered, sugared, glazed. No matter how you serve it, donuts are a big hit with every meal. Perfect to serve as a sweet pastry with a breakfast wedding or as an after dinner treat. Serve on a plate, or on a wall for guests to select from.

Alternative wedding desserts
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Not everyone's a fan of cake, and pie makes a great wedding cake alternative. Portion sizes are similar to cake slices, they come in a variety of sweet or fruity flavors, and can even be incorporated into the dinner menu with items such as Shepard's Pie or mincemeat pie.


Cake in mini form! Cupcakes can satisfy guests' cake cravings without requiring an elaborate wedding cake to be served. Decorate them to match your wedding color scheme or supply containers of frosting and sprinkles and let guests decorate their own with a self-serve cupcake bar.

Alternative wedding desserts include cupcakes as a bitesized cake to eat on the dance floor.
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Fruit salad

Sugary sweets aren't the only thing that have to be on the menu for dessert. Fruit is a healthy, gluten-free alternative that will satisfy cravings and can be served in salad or skewer form for easy eating.

Chocolate fountain

If you are serving fruit salad and want to satisfy guests' sweet tooth, add a chocolate fondue fountain to the menu for chocolate dipped fruits. Marshmallows, Rice Krispie Treats, and cookies also make great, finger-friendly options for adding to a stick and smothering in chocolate.

Bite-size Pastries

Anything you can grab and take back to the dance floor is a great dessert in our book. Whoopee pies, cookies, turnovers, creme puffs, danishes, and eclairs just to name a few.

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Ice cream sundae bar

Whipped cream, hot fudge, sprinkles, the options are limitless. Guests of all ages will love designing their own creations. Get creative with your flavor and topping choice for endless fun and happy guests. We recommend including a dairy-free option as well to satisfy guests' dietary needs.

Milk and cookie shooters

Tequila doesn't need to be the only shot you're taking on the dance floor. Choose your favorite variery of cookie, add milk, and there you have a delicious shot glass you can eat. Want to take your milk and cookie shooters to the next level? Add Kahlua or Baileys in place of milk.

milk and cookie shooters are the perfect wedding dance floor treat
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Carnival foods

Funnel cake, cotton candy, and anything deep fried bring the state fair to life at your wedding. Extend the theme to cocktail hour for even more carnival favorites.

Cotton candy wedding snacks create a carnival wedding menu.
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Candy Bar

Bring Willy Wonka's factory to life with a candy bar that guests can use to make their own combinations of sugary goodness. Chocolates, gummies, sour candies and more will provide the perfect variety and can double as a favor by adding to-go containers for guests to fill.

Serve a candy bar at your wedding to give guests sugary choices to choose from.
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