Tips for Getting Published on Artfully Wed

How to Create the Perfect Submission for Artfully Wed

We carefully review every submission that comes through, but unfortunately some just aren't a fit for our audience or the submission doesn't contain the information we need to publish it. Here are some best practices for creating an ideal submission for Artfully Wed and getting your work published!

  1. First and foremost, follow our submission guidelines! You can use our direct submission form to send us your favorite real weddings, styled shoots and more. We ask that you do use this form to help us streamline the review process. If you simply send us an email saying, “Hey, check out this cool wedding!” we don't have time to review it. If we had more hours in a day, it might be possible, but until we no longer need to sleep, please use the form!
  2. Include ALL of the vendor information and web links. We want everyone to get their due credit for producing a lovely event, so please do it! Good karma will come your way.
  3. Details. Details. Details. We can't stress this enough. If we're going to accept your submission, we need to know about the event! It can be from you, the bride or the event planner, just include information about the inspiration behind the day, the special or meaningful details, the DIY (if any), etc. The more the better.
  4. Even though Artfully Wed isn't a regional blog, please include the event location – city and state! International is cool, too – just give us the details. That's an easy one, eh?
  5. Follow our image specs. All images need to be at least 1000 pixels across (whether portrait or landscape). No watermarks, pretty please. Also, please don't send both a black and white version and color version of each photo. That's overkill.
  6. Curate! Please don't include every photo you took. It's important that you select the best images – those that tell the story of the day, highlight the details, showcase the emotions, etc. Generally speaking, we primarily want photos of the ceremony, portraits and reception details. The hallmark of a successful submission is a thoughtful selection of images. If you send us 4 versions of the same pose, and we need a magnifying glass to tell the difference between them, chances are we're not going to publish your submission. We realize this takes more work prior to submitting, but it'll pay off in the end, we promise!
  7. We still accept engagement submissions, but due to the volume we receive, we're not accepting nearly as many as we used to. We give preference on engagement submissions to our vendor guide members, but if you have a truly unique, outstanding session, don't be afraid to send it our way!
  8. Lastly, please adhere to our exclusivity policy! Every blog has a slightly different view on this, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with ours. You can do so on the photo submissions page.
    1. Thanks so much for sharing your work with Artfully Wed – we look forward to seeing your best!