Tips for Planning Your Wedding Using Instagram

Let's face it, how often do you find yourself spending hours scrolling through Instagram when you should be doing a million other things (planning your wedding for one)? The good news is, all that time on Instagram isn't a waste! It's an amazing platform to use for all things wedding planning, especially if you're using it to its maximum potential. Here's how to turn those double taps into effective wedding plans.


Ask your friends for help

Sometimes you need a second opinion when it comes to planning your wedding (or a third, if you've already asked your partner). This can be hard to do when friends and family aren't with you 24/7 and sometimes don't even live on the same coast. Whether it's to settle a debate between vanilla and chocolate cake or show off the dress you're trying on from Nearly Newlywed, Instagram is the best way to reach your friends and streamline those discussions instead of blowing up your group chat.

This is where Instagram's “Close Friends” feature comes in handy. Set your friends, family, or wedding party as your Close Friends so you're only getting input from those who matter and not the random follower you haven't spoken to since high school. This also helps keep fashion-related details hidden from your spouse-to-be.

Reach out to friends for help using the Poll feature in your stories so they can settle your conflict of which napkin design to go with or which swimsuit to pack for the honeymoon. Add a 😍 scale in for friends to weigh in on the dresses you try on. Post a question if you're looking for recommendations or suggestions for vendors, decor, honeymoon locations, and more.


Save Inspiration

How often do you find yourself saying “That's cute” or “I love that idea” as you scroll through your feed? It can be easy for all that wedding inspiration to flash before you with the flick of a finger and be forgotten within seconds. Next time you see decor that inspires you or a photographer you might want to hire, take a second to hit save on the image using the flag icon on the bottom right corner below the photo.

To keep your saves from becoming an overwhelming jumble, long hold the save the button and you'll be prompted to set up a folder. Create custom folders for wedding planning categories such as Fashion, Decor, Color/Theme Inspiration and Vendors.

Want to share the idea with your friends? Create a chat group in your Direct Messages with the members of your wedding party. When you see an idea you really love send it as a DM to your wedding group.


Instagram continues to roll out new features, and one of our favorites is the ability to shop right through the app. Not all accounts have this function, but you'll know when a post is shoppable by the shopping bag icon on the corner of the post.  See a dress, accessory or other item you love? Shop the image by tapping the circle on the product to learn more and get the link to purchase.



Hashtags are your best friend when it comes to planning your wedding. Whether you're looking for a certain tablescape or the latest wedding fashion trends, hashtags help you search for exactly what you're looking for, and help you find something new when you don't quite know what you want.

Search broad terms like #weddinginspo and #weddingdresses if you want inspiration for where to start, or narrow down your hashtags to specific ideas and details like #geometricweddingcake or #laceweddingveil. When you find a hashtag with results you like, follow your favorites so new posts show up in your feed and you don't miss any inspiration. Use geographic hashtags to your advantage as well such as #Seattlewedding or #Londonweddingphotographer to find inspiration in your area.

While you're searching hashtags, select a special one for your big day with these tips for creating your wedding hashtag.



Find vendors

Instagram's not just for looking at photos.  Use it to find the vendors for your wedding from catering to linens to photographers to rentals and more. Oftentimes wedding companies have their own Instagram pages so they can show off their work and let couples and other vendors tag them in photos. Use those geographic hashtags you were just searching to find local vendors that have tagged your area.

Already have your venue or have a few you're still deciding between? Search through photos that the venue has been tagged in or look what photos have been posted with your venue as the location tag to get a feel for vendors that are already familiar with working your venue.


Has Instagram helped you plan your wedding? Share your wisdom below (and check us out on the gram @NearlyNewlywed)