Tips for creating your wedding hashtag

Gone are the days of using disposable cameras to get guests' photos to the newlyweds. Now, it's all about the hashtags to share your photos not only with the married couple, but with guests and other friends. Not sure where to start when coming up with your own wedding hashtag? We've got you covered!

Check what's been used

Hashtags are increasing in popularity and while you may feel like your names are pretty unique, it's always important to double check your hashtag ideas. If something you've had your heart set on has already been used, try searching it again with your wedding date or the year at the end. For example, #MrandMrsSmith is taken but #MrandMrsSmith18 or #MrandMrsSmith102419 might not be.

Do your research

Once you do a social media search to see if your hashtag has been used, do a Ggoogle search for any double meanings that you might not realize. Also give it a look over to see if there are other words in it that could be confusing or inappropriate. #simpleassmith (Capitalizing the first level of every word can help with that). #SimpleAsSmith

Survey your audience

Are most of your guests social media users or is this a way for your one Instagram obsessed best friend to add another hashtag to their list? If you're having an intimate wedding or a guest list filled with people touristy stuff  parents' age, be prepared for your hashtag to not be used by anybody but you and your spouse. Be sure to promote it on your invitations and on signage at your wedding to encourage its use.


Get Creative

Wedding hashtags are the perfect opportunity for a corny puns, play on words, or inside joke. Put your heads together, crowd source from friends, or ask your family to get in on the fun.  Here's some clever wordsmithing to get your juices flowing. #JaneFoundTheJuan #IDrew #ToHaveandToHowell #HowellAlwaysLoveYou

Looking for ideas?

Feeling stumped? Just need a little inspiration to get you going? Here are a few templates you can pop your first, last, or new last name into!







#____and____Take(Insert Destination Name Here)