Find Your Inspiration With An Organic & Romantic Bridal Shoot

From the photographer, Christa Norman:

“We were inspired to create inspiration for the fine art bride who wants to have an organic and romantic vibe on her wedding day. Along with this visual inspiration we wanted to give you three quick tips to achieving this look from head to toe.

1. The Hair + Makeup
Keep both as soft as possible. The updo of our bride is rather loose with free-flowing pieces framing her face, and simple small flowers pinned in. The trick for flowers not being overwhelming or steal the show is to choose small delicate white flowers. Keeping the makeup pallet neutral also allows for it to look really natural.

2. The Dress
Go for a dress that is overall fairly simple but has a few intricate details that are more subtle. Our bride wore a stunning dress that exemplifies this beautifully. The dress has a classic a-line shape and sweetheart neckline and the magical details are the beautifully crafted lace and sleeves. This dress is perfect for the bride in bloom because it allowed out bride to move freely!

3. The Flowers
Utterly romantic arrangements are achieved by combining elegant garden florals with an airy, relaxed composition. Choose your color pallet (we recommend keeping it simple) and then as your florist to pick seasonal blooms in those colors.

There you have it, three tips for achieving the romantic and organic look of a fine art bride.”

Bride: Anna Fearer | Photographer: Christa Norman | Floral Designer: Mulberry + Moss | Dress/Outfit Designer: Love and Lace Bridal | Hair and Makeup Artist : Kohnur | Calligrapher: Vika B Calligraphy | Shoes: Bella Belle