llama at a wedding petting zoo
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Nontraditional wedding entertainment to book asap

Band or DJ. That's the usual response when asked what kind of entertainment you plan to have at your wedding. While having music is great, and typically very critical for setting the vibe of the day, there's much more to the world of wedding entertainment than just music. With so many entertainment options to choose from, you might just want your wedding to become an all day performance show!


Wow guests with magic by bringing an illusionist to do a performance in front of all the guests, or go table to table for more intimate sleight of hand tricks that will leave your guests wondering, “how did they do that?!”

wedding day magician sleight of hand entertainment
Magic by Richard Parsons



Watch in awe as performers back bend, somersault and twirl through your reception, defying gravity and making guests question if this contortionist actually has bones in their body.

Petting Zoo

Remember how awesome birthday parties as a child were when you'd get to go to a petting zoo and feed and pet the adorable animals? Bring that joy to your wedding for guests of all ages. You can even make magic happen by bringing a unicorn to your zoo!

Unicorn nontraditional wedding entertainment
Photo by Jessica Maida


Fortune Teller

As your single friends and family celebrate your marriage,  you know some of them will be wondering when it will be their turn at love.  Get your guests' questions about their future answered during cocktail hour with a tarot card reader, fortune teller, or palm reader.


Turn your wedding reception into a night under the big top (tent optional). Bring in jugglers, balloon artists for the kids and kids at heart,  tightrope walkers,  unicyclists, or even a clown if your heart desires.

Circus wedding nontraditional wedding entertainment
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Like clowns, mimes aren't for everyone. But when it comes to your wedding it's not about everyone, it's about you and your partner. If you want a mine to perform then by all means bring a mime.


Who doesn't love the intricate, gorgeous designs of henna tattoos? Have an artist on hand to tattoo guests (or two if your guest list is long) or go for an airbrush tattooer or face painter if you're looking for results that won't last as long.

henna tattoos wedding entertainment
Photo by James Douglas


Square Dancing

Turn your dance floor into a hoe down by bringing a square dance caller instead of a DJ to teach your guests how to do-si-do and swing their partner round and round.


Hire a caricature artist to capture the night in drawings. Guests will love the memento they get to keep and you'll love having your wedding day look memorialized in art.

nontraditional wedding entertainment caricature artists
Caricature by Don Landgren Jr.


Murder Mystery

For smaller wedding guest lists, keep everyone engaged and mingling with a murder mystery themed reception (or rehearsal dinner). It will be interactive and a great way for both sides of the family to get to know each other.

Fire breather

Leave guests mystified, horrified and amazed all at the same time with a fire breather performance guaranteed to take their breath away. Bonus entertainment points if they're also a sword swallower.

nontraditional wedding entertainment fire breather
Photo by Hudson River Photographer

Featured image by Jenny Owens Photography