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How to drop engagement ring hints if you’re ready for a proposal

Feel a proposal on the horizon but worried your honey is completely clueless when it comes to getting you an engagement ring? Here's how to drop subtle hints that will help educate your partner and make them feel like they picked out your ring completely on their own.

Comment on friends’ rings

If someone close to you gets engaged, it never hurts to slip in some feedback on their ring when you’re alone with your significant other. Try something like, “Steven did such a great job designing Amanda’s ring. I love the pear shape,” or “Tina’s rose gold band is so beautiful, but I am not a fan of halo settings.” Follow it up by asking your partner what they think. If they say they loved something about it that you hated, or vice versa, you’ll want to make sure you continue dropping hints.

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Arm your loved ones with knowledge

If your honey has no idea what to get you, chances are your close friends or family members will be the first ones they call for help. Share an engagement ring Pinterest board with your friends that feature your favorite rings or talk about your dream ring with your parents so they have the right answer to give if asked.

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Leave your rings out

If you’re normally a person who puts their jewelry back in its box every night, start leaving your rings out on your dresser, nightstand or somewhere your future fiancé can see them. This will make it easier for them to grab it when you aren’t looking to get an idea of what size you wear and what styles you typically gravitate towards.

drop engagement ring hints by leaving your rings out for your partner to find.
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Always have your nails done

Drop the hint that your hands are primed and ready for showing off a brand-new sparkler by keeping them in shape. Be kind to your hands whether that means you stop biting your nails, avoid picking your cuticles, or regularly get a manicure.

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