Five Gorgeous Wedding Photography Styles

When you think about wedding photography, themes like traditional, contemporary, and modern probably come to mind. Photographer Central Pro Evan Chung discusses five unique photography styles you probably haven’t thought of for your upcoming nuptials. Find out why natural light, high fashion, photojournalistic, whimsical and vintage-styled photography will make for gorgeous and unique wedding photos.

The world is absolutely smitten with wedding photography. We post, like, tag, retweet, and pin our favorite wedding photos, but never stop to consider the style behind certain wedding photography ideas until it’s our turn to say “I do.” So, before you start that Pinterest board with all of your favorite wedding photo poses, take a moment to explore the many styles of wedding photography out there.

Explore five wedding photography styles with the experts at Photographer Central

Five Gorgeous Photography Styles You Haven’t Considered Yet for Your Wedding

This list may come in handy since some photographers will use the same words, but in reference to different styles of photography, while others will have similar styles and use totally different words to describe it. Don’t worry though, I’m here to translate. Here is a breakdown of a few different styles you may want to consider for your wedding pictures.

Natural Light

When you Google wedding photo ideas, keep in mind that some of the best wedding photos that come up in your search are going to be ones that use natural light. A wedding picture produced using natural light is created using only light from the sun. This can include artistic solar flares, backlighting, window light, and other techniques. No studio lights are used, which translates to images that look casual and intimate.

Five Gorgeous Photography Styles You Haven’t Considered Yet for Your Wedding

High Fashion

This is the opposite of using natural light, but it can be just as awesome. In fact, most real wedding photos that make it into high-end magazines and fashion blogs are employing this style. High fashion-styled wedding photography is characterized by the use of studio lights and fashion-esque poses and expressions. Using the studio lights creates a glamour look typically found in commercial and fashion photography. This bold and dramatic style is perfect for a high-end wedding photography blog that wants to tag all of the brands and labels that the couple is wearing.

Five Gorgeous Photography Styles You Haven’t Considered Yet for Your Wedding


Traditionally a black and white film medium, photojournalism is rooted in news reporting and is great for telling a story through images – hence its name. With very little active posing, each event can be entirely unique. There are no restrictions on how to take wedding photos using photojournalistic style, so anything goes as long as you are telling the story of the day. Personally, I’m often drawn to the active and grainy aesthetics of this style.

Five Gorgeous Photography Styles You Haven’t Considered Yet for Your Wedding


This style is often used in portrait and engagement sessions, but it can also be used to capture some of the most unique wedding photos out there. The whimsical photography style embraces embellishment and silliness, and in some cases will look like the subjects are living in a different reality. Whimsical style would typically include pictures of wedding parties being playful, wearing funny hats, colorful buntings, and chalkboard signs.

Five Gorgeous Photography Styles You Haven’t Considered Yet for Your Wedding


This is one of those terms that gets used fairly often but remains hard to define. However, it’s generally agreed that this refers to an older style of photography, in terms of editing technique, poses, or visual camera effects.

Regardless of your photography style preferences, Photographer Central helps you find a photographer who will shoot in the perfect style for your wedding.

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