El Salvador Garden Wedding by Jordan Brittley

El Salvador Garden Wedding by Jordan Brittley

A lush garden wedding in Sonsonate, El Salvador

Eli and Gabriel knew each other growing up; he liked her when she wasn’t interested and then she liked him and talked herself out of it. When Eli moved to the states, she decided to leave her feelings for Gabriel in El Salvador – after all, how could a relationship work with Eli in America and Gabriel, with his new missionary job, in Guatemala? After being separated for several weeks, Gabriel asked Eli what would happen if they could make it work. He purchased a ticket and traveled to the U.S. to talk to her in person about their future together. After just a few hours together, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. And they are doing just that. They got married in November at Finca Moros y Cristianos in El Salvador, surrounded by lush mountains and the busy city below. Eli's bouquet was especially meaningful to her since it would be with her the entire day, so she had her mother make it for her! Jordan Brittley captured their day!

I love trees and nature. I wanted a place with mountains and green all around. I just wanted all the closest people that I love to share that special moment with us. I get attached to people so easily, and since I was going to move to Guatemala, I wanted our wedding to be a goodbye party too. It was a last chance to see all those important people in my life for a while.

My favorite memories are during the ceremony where we were holding hands and we both knew we finally were going to be together forever, full of excitement and happiness. Not even the rain and how late we started could make that moment ugly. When the reception started, I had a permanent smile just knowing the awesome guy was my husband. And after our long distance relationship we were starting a new journey together.

The candle ceremony is very special. His mom gave me a candle as a symbol that she was giving me her son, and my mom gave Gabriel one as symbol of giving him my life. Then we both light up one candle in the center as symbol of the unity, finally becoming one. We also incorporated a new tradition where our parents, the four of them, hold our hands and say a special prayer for us, declaring all kinds of blessings upon our lives. – Eli

El Salvador Garden Wedding by Jordan BrittleyEl Salvador Garden Wedding by Jordan BrittleyEl Salvador Garden Wedding by Jordan BrittleyEl Salvador Garden Wedding by Jordan BrittleyEl Salvador Garden Wedding by Jordan Brittley