Pear teal sapphire engagement ring

Diamond VS Sapphire Engagement Rings: Should You Consider A Different Center Stone?

The answer is YES! The tradition of an engagement ring is believed to have originated from Roman customs, and up until 1947, when De Beers launched an incredibly successful advertising campaign, diamonds were not the popular gemstone of choice that they are today. This means that the tradition of having different colored gemstones and materials for engagement rings is centuries-long compared to that of 70+ years in diamond popularity.

The significance and meaning that an engagement ring holds cannot be overstated. It is an incredibly important symbol, one that displays the dedication, love, and commitment that two people want to share with one another.

With those values in mind, we found a company – Nolan & Vada – that offers a range of stunning ring designs (custom, too!) with their gems coming from a trusted source of quality and ethical labor practices. Their niche is within the world of color though, for those looking for a unique spin on the traditional engagement ring, this is a space where you’ll be able to find your symbol of love made with a personalized touch. 

Knowing that their design is geared to the innovative and creative, there’s a promise here that goes beyond offering stunning rings. Couples can sift through their site and find colored diamond or sapphire engagement rings that are founded on education and alternative designs making the experience more personal. As Nolan & Vada note on their site, for the ethically-conscious and artistic souls, a sapphire engagement ring is exactly what you need.

Sapphires vs. Diamonds: The 411

There’s a rich quality and luxury behind each of these sapphire gemstones which rivals its diamond counterpart. But because of its deep tone, a sapphire offers a bit more mystery and romance in terms of design quality. 

Keep in mind though, that like diamonds, sapphires can come in different colors as well. They don’t just come in that rich, royal blue shade. There are colorless selections, teal, peach, and purple hues to choose from as well. 

In terms of direct comparison, diamonds refract more light than a sapphire does which is why a diamond tends to sparkle unlike other gemstones. Diamonds are valued by this feature whereas sapphires are valued more by their rich color. Also, here’s a fun fact! Did you know that blue sapphires – although associated mostly with the color blue – are actually the rarest type of sapphire

It’s also important to note that sapphires are known for their durability and hardness, making them a wonderful option as a lifelong piece such as an engagement ring. It doesn’t beat a diamond though, their hardness is the toughest in the world with a 10 rating on the Mohs scales, whereas sapphires are rated at a 9. 

Best of Styles 

We’re focusing on their collection of sapphire engagement rings and what’s being offered in terms of colorful-hued beauties. There are several really popular sapphire engagement ring designs and cuts. Some are more traditional, whereas there are others that fall right into the current trends; let’s have a look, shall we? 

the alice sapphire ring

The Alice | $3,209

This design features a 1.40 ct. teal sapphire with diamonds glittering on the side. It’s a minimal design that sits nicely within the current jewelry trends while paying homage to the art deco past with its combination of color tones. 

the chloe sapphire ring

The Chloe | $4,482

The Chloe gives us some major Kate Middleton engagement ring vibes, don’t you think? There’s something really timeless and luxurious about its appeal. The design includes a 1.8 ct oval blue sapphire and a slim band filled with pave-set diamonds. 


melina peach sapphire engagement ring

The Melina | $3,343

One of the more minimal designs comes by way of the Melina. Coming with a peach 1.5 ct sapphire and accompanied by diamonds on its side, this ring is perfect for the bride with modern, fashion-forward style. 


purple sapphire helena engagement ring

The Helena | $3,343

Have you ever seen a hexagon-cut gemstone before? Well, if you haven’t, behold the beauty and innovation of the Helena! The gemstone itself is actually a round cut 1.4 ct purple sapphire situated and set within a vintage-inspired milgrain border. 

the lisa sapphire ring

The Lisa | $3,142

And finally, there’s the simplistic beauty of the Lisa. Featuring a 1.3 ct emerald-cut teal sapphire and rows of pave-set diamonds on its side, it’s a versatile style and one that will pair well with a variety of wedding bands.