Antique Engagement Rings from Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth has made a name for itself in the fine jewelry industry for its high standard of ethics and going above and beyond when it comes to guaranteeing conflict-free diamonds. The company's careful sourcing methods ensure that the diamond jewelry and engagement rings offered meet the highest labor and environmental standards.

Antique Engagement Rings from Brilliant Earth

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The guarantee states that beyond being conflict free, Brilliant Earth's diamonds are “wholly free from all types of violence, such as torture and rape committed by government militaries. Workers are paid fair wages, child labor is completely absent, local communities benefit economically, and care is taken to protect the environment.”

Brilliant Earth's ethically sourced diamonds come from two mines in Canada's Northwest Territories, mines in the Yakutia region of Siberia, and mines in Namibia and Botswana, where the industry provides jobs, education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Antique Engagement Rings from Brilliant Earth

In addition to the beyond conflict free diamonds, Brilliant Earth has an amazing selection of antique engagement rings from design eras dating back to the early 1900s (Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro and Modern). These one-of-a-kind engagement rings are truly eco-friendly in their own right, and many feature sapphires and other gemstones in addition to diamonds.

You might not realize this, but many antique engagement rings are more affordable than their modern counterparts. Each ring from the collection was originally handmade and has been selected for its craftsmanship, gemstone quality and originality.

I'm a huge fan of Brilliant Earth's antique engagement rings because you can be almost certain that your ring is as unique as you are! However, if antique isn't quite your style, Brilliant Earth offers custom engagement rings and wedding rings. Their experienced jewelry designers will take your ideas, drawings and images and create a design concept, ultimately resulting in your dream ring!

If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, head on over to Brilliant Earth!