5 Reasons to Love and Use MyRegistry.com

Let's face it – setting up your wedding registry is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of the planning process. After all, who doesn't like getting presents? However, managing multiple registries at different stores can be a real hassle, not to mention confusing for your guests. That's why MyRegistry.com‘s universal registry concept is such a fun, stress-free solution. Check out our top five reasons to love and use MyRegistry.com for your own wedding gift registry!


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1. Don't Play Favorites

Gone are the days of limiting your registry to one or two big-box retailers. While visiting a store in person for the thrill of pointing and shooting with the barcode scanner can be fun, MyRegistry.com lets you add anything you want from any store. That's right, any product, any store, all on one universal registry. It's especially easy when you're shopping online; all you have to do is put the “Add to MyRegistry” button in your bookmarks bar, and you're good to go.

Your future spouse wants electronics from Best Buy and you want housewares from Etsy? No problem! Even brick-and-mortar stores with no websites can be included on your universal gift registry. If you already have registries started, that's okay, too! You can sync them and combine them into a single master list. MyRegistry.com even offers personalized registry advice and product suggestions to help you get started.

2. Ask for Cash without the Guilt

There's this old stigma attached to asking for cash as a gift. Perhaps Emily Post thought it was rude, but for modern couples, it's often a really practical choice for a wedding gift. So, don't let those outdated notions of proper etiquette make you feel guilty – MyRegistry.com lets you create a cash gift fund, perfect for honeymoons, saving up for a new house, etc. Guests can securely send money directly to your account with ease. Plus, unlike other gift registry services, MyRegistry.com has no member fees on cash gift funds (just the standard PayPal service charges).

3. Add Gifts on the Go with Your Smartphone

For most of us, our smartphones are like an extra appendage – we don't leave home without it. With MyRegistry.com, you can scan any product barcode while you're out and about and have it magically added to your gift list. (See, you don't have to completely miss out on that rom-com montage of scanning china and flatware at Macy's). You can also save your guests money by scanning and comparing prices on the items you want.

4. Announce and Share Your Registry with Class

Sharing your registry with guests can be a logistical headache, but MyRegistry.com makes it super easy: just send out an eCard! You can also customize your registry's URL, share your gift list to all your social networks, or download and print beautiful registry announcements
to add to your shower invitation!

5. Give Back & Say Thanks

Whether you have everything you need or simply have a cause you're passionate about, MyRegistry.com also gives guests the option of donating to your favorite charity. What better way to start off your life as newlyweds than with some good karma?

They've also made it really easy for you to keep track of who purchased what so you can send your loved ones “Thank You” notes to show them how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness. When a guest purchases a gift or contributes to your Cash Gift Fund, their information is logged in your account. The Thank You Notes page provides you everything you need to show your gratitude: the gift title, the purchaser's name, their email address, and the date of purchase.

5 Reasons to Love and Use MyRegistry.com

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5 Reasons to Love and Use MyRegistry.com

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