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14 Unique, Quirky, or Unconventional Places to Say “I Do”

When planning your wedding, you will make plenty of decisions that involve personal parts of your relationship, your couple style, your love story, and even each of your own, unique personalities. One of the first of those decisions will include the place in which you will say, “I do;” your venue that is.

Churches, hotels, wineries, they’re all the usual in terms of “the where.” But, what are some other places that you can tie the knot and add a bit of untraditional, unique appeal to your day – a stamp of unconventionality even? Here are 14 unique, and sometimes quirky, places to book your wedding day. See what strikes your fancy and what’s close by you can reserve!


Treehouse Point Wedding Venue


Adult-size treehouses are all the rage right now. You can find so many gorgeous overnight stays through Airbnb to get whisked away to. Or, you can even book one for your wedding day! It’s a casual, carefree way to top off your boho style vision. For those with a child-like and jovial spirit, this truly may be your best, most unique option on the table.

Venue Spotlight: Treehouse Point in Washington State


Belvoir Castle Wedding


Maybe you want a bit more luxury infused in your big day. Instead of a ballroom or grandiose church, go bigger. A castle could be a choice you didn’t realize you even had. There are more than several castles all over the world that offer their services for weddings on the horizon. Create your very own fairytale and add a bit of history to the exchanging of your vows.

Venue Spotlight: Belvoir Castle in England


Grace Lynne Fleming Grace Lynne Fleming 8:07 AM May 14 aardwolf brewing company


Wineries are already really popular in the wedding world, so why aren’t breweries on the list? Well, they are now and they’re serving up an entirely different vibe than those vineyards do. These spaces offer up more contemporary, industrial styles or, other times, casual and comforting country flavors. You’ll definitely have your guests wowed and intrigued with this decision.

Venue Spotlight: Aardwolf Brewing Company in Florida

Deserted Building

Monroe Abbey Wedding Venue


Old warehouses or factories, schools and churches, there are some amazing pieces of architecture with unusual style and personality that are being turned into unique wedding venues. There are abandoned train stations, spaces that are more rubble than buildings, and even spaces that have been completely abandoned without a proper clean-up since the split. But that’s what makes these venues so appealing – there is so much character that is added to your day (and less decisions in terms of decor that would need to happen).

Venue Spotlight: Monroe Abbey in Arizona


new orleans cemetery weddings

This may not be the majority’s first choice, but it is a choice nonetheless. It may also be one of the quirkiest on the menu. But, you would be surprised at the beauty that can come out of a cemetery wedding. And there are so many sites around the globe that offer this service! It would absolutely be a day to remember.

Venue Spotlight: New Orleans Historical Cemetery Weddings

Vintage Theatre

Gem Theatre Wedding Venues


There is something really magical about going to the theatre. Which means, it would be just as magical to be wed in a vintage theatre that has seen a lot of shows, a lot of life, and have memories sewn within its very walls. You can find yourself booking older movie theatres to historical concert halls.

Venue Spotlight: Gem Theatre in Michigan

National Park

Acadia National Park Wedding


For those that love the outdoors and are looking for gorgeous, natural sceneries to ignite their ceremony vows and photographs, a national park may be your best choice. There are so many stunning spots to choose from around the globe. Just be sure to do your research beforehand to know and prepare for any rules and regulations to stay within the guidelines of the park.

Venue Spotlight: Acadia National Park in Maine

Coffee Shop

black eye coffee shop Wedding venue


There’s always the coffee shop idea. Maybe you met your soon-to-be-spouse in one or you just like the calm, cool, and collected vibes. Whatever the case, a coffee shop could be an intimate and quirky spot to plan your wedding within. Some of the larger coffee shops have been doubling as venue spaces lately – do your research!

Venue Spotlight: Black Eye Coffee Shop in Colorado

Covered Bridge

honey run covered bridge wedding


Infuse even more romance into your day by saying your I do’s under a covered bridge. There truly is something so fairy-tale esque and whimsy about this setting. The backdrop couldn’t be better for photographs and your guests would be wowed at the unique choice.

Venue Spotlight: Honey Run Bridge in California


Camp Starlight Retreats Wedding


What’s great about a campground venue option is the variety of aesthetics they have to offer. From mountainous backdrops to desert escapes to country feelings, there are choices that meet everyone’s vision. It’s the perfect way to go about planning an organic wedding with a casual ethos.

Venue Spotlight: Camp Starlight Retreats in Pennsylvania


Long hollow gardens wedding venue


It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, pouring, or the sun is shining in all the right ways, a greenhouse gives off an outdoor feel without the worry of weather fluctuations. It’s the best way to top off a bohemian inspired affair or those that envision a garden celebration fit for a princess. And there are so many beautiful options all over the U.S.!

Venue Spotlight: Long Hollow Gardens in Tennessee


Columbus Zoo Wedding Venue


Here’s another youthful venue option that could bring out the most joyous memories and playful spirits. This is another way to go if you really want to wow your guests. The views are usually stunning and having a beautiful, exotic animal or two photo bombing your experience doesn’t seem like the worst idea.

Venue Spotlight: Columbus Zoo in Ohio


Phoenix art museum wedding

For the intellectuals, why not try looking for a museum to house your wedding day? There are so many beautiful museums that make the most perfect of spaces to celebrate – and there are so many styles. From history to art, do some research to find your right fit. And it’s a really great option for those that may want a more modern or contemporary style.

Venue Spotlight: Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona

The Desert

zion red rock wedding


Just as picturesque as some of the more popular destinations – but with an entirely different, other worldly style – the desert could be the offbeat spot that you want to take your chances on. There are several options around the globe that you can make it happen – and they all bring a bout of richness to your photographs.

Venue Spotlight: Zion Red Rock in Utah