Casual groom in a vest and tie

12 Casual Groom Ideas

Grooms deserve to feel comfortable and look confident on their wedding day—whether that means suiting up with a fine tux or taking a more casual approach like losing the jacket and tie.

Today, more grooms are leaning towards casual options, especially if the wedding is a more relaxed affair—think beach, garden, or rustic wedding. And dressing down doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Here are some great options on how the groom can still shine with a more casual vibe.

Suit Looks

Cream suit for a beach wedding
Courtesy: chelseyboatwright.com

If you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding, relaxed, dressy-casual attire is the way to go. Consider lighter fabrics like chambray, linen, or seersucker in light colors that don’t absorb heat. We love this neutral suit with a classic white button-down shirt, sans tie! It’s a perfect pick for a beach wedding or backyard bash.

Man in grey plaid suit
Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com

Speaking of lighter colors, this plaid, dusty blue-grey suit is oh-so cool for an outdoor wedding. We love how this groom paired the suit with a simple, white non-collared shirt. Bonus: this modern look can be worn after the wedding day, so it’s a great investment for the future!

Groom wearing a white button-down and grey jacket
Courtesy: insideweddings.com photo via Vue Photography

Want a traditional suit, but digging the grey hue? This dark grey suit is a great choice. We lost the unique suit pattern but kept it casual by losing the tie. We also switched back to a traditional button-down collared shirt, minus the top button for an airy appeal.

Groom wearing a coral suit
Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com photo via Rebecca Carpenter Photography

Hey there, stylish groom! Casual meets color in this awesome coral suit. It’s a sophisticated choice, but it also brings fun, boho vibes. We can totally see this attire for an indoor or outdoor wedding with a terra cotta color scheme.

Groom wearing a velvet turtleneck and plaid jacket
Courtesy: Weddingomania.com

Another stylish option is this velvet and plaid combo. Pair a plaid blazer with luxe velvet pants and a matching turtleneck—perfect for a fall or winter wedding. This look is considered casual, only because we’ve dropped the tie and collared shirt, but it’s clearly super elevated.

Tie/Bow Tie Looks

Casual groom in a vest and tie
Courtesy: stylemepretty.com photo via Leo Patrone Photography

Another great option is to lose the suit jacket completely and opt for a tasteful vest instead. It’s a classic choice for the groom that still wants to look nice, but not as traditional. For an extra-casual touch, roll up the sleeves. This way, the groom stays cool in the heat. Add a light-colored tie, and you’re good to go.

Casual groom attire for outdoor wedding
Courtesy: pinterest.com

Taking things even more casual, this groom kept it super simple: button-down, tie, and khaki pants. For a pop of color: a light blue button-down instead of a classic white. This is still a nice look, but more relaxed for an outdoor wedding. Your groom will be so happy to have a more comfortable ensemble for the big day.

Bow Tie Looks

Groom wearing suspenders and bow tie
Courtesy: weddingchicks.com photo via Bryce Covey Photography

Not a fan of regular ties? A bow tie is an awesome way to add a touch of something special. We love how this groom paired his bow tie with suspenders—it’s giving us boho-vintage vibes for sure. Go the extra casual mile by choosing khaki pants instead of dress pants.

Groom with suspenders sitting on a tree swing
Courtesy: onefabday.com photo via Velvetine

Keeping with the suspender trend, this groom went for blue stripes and a light blue bow tie. You don’t have to match, though—many grooms like to mix up the bow tie and suspenders through different colors, textures, or patterns. For a semi-formal look, stick with a classic white shirt and dress pants.

Vintage-inspired groom wearing a waist coat and bow tie
Courtesy: chicvintagebrides.com photo via Laura Gordon Photography

For the groom who loves vintage flair, this vest and bow tie combo is so cool. And did you spot the pocket watch? This groom kept things casual with khaki pants and a light blue button-down shirt with rolled sleeves. It’s an awesome look for a boho, garden, or barn wedding.

Western Looks

Cowboy wedding attire
Courtesy: cowgirlmagazine.com photo via For The West and Wild Photo

For the groom who’s a true cowboy: cowboy boots, some Wrangler blue jeans, and a pearl shirt round out this look. It’s the perfect ensemble for a rustic wedding. To level up the casual, add a jacket and boutonniere. Top off the look with your favorite cowboy hat.

Close-up of a groom in a vest and jeans Groom in a vest and jeans

Courtesy: nativeroaming.com

Another western look we love is the jeans and vest combo. A clean, white button-down shirt works perfectly under a patterned silk vest. Suede and leather are great fabric options as well. No need for a tie or jacket here, and you can lose the cowboy hat if it’s not really your style.