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All of us who watched the Sex and the City movie were undoubtedly left marveling at the breathtaking Oscar de la Renta gown during the Vogue wedding shoot.  Our Nearly Newlywed bride, Kaci, took that stunning gown off the big screen and wore it on her own wedding day!  This St. Croix wedding was nothing short of perfection.

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed

Describe your wedding day!

Our wedding day was May 17th, 2014 and the weather could not have been better. We lived on St. Croix, USVI at the time to get away from the cold of Minnesota. When my now husband got a job offer for the Caribbean to fly a plane for a local airline, it took us a few split seconds to make the decision to uproot our lives and go on this new adventure. We got engaged in Cancun earlier that year, and knew that we wanted something very small and intimate from the beginning, so we thought we’d have our closest friends and family come visit us down in the Caribbean. Along with an island vacation for them, we’d also be hosting what we jokingly referred to as “a fancy dinner party that happens to have a wedding in it” for everyone to enjoy. And, of course, we promised to have an abundance of champagne; my favorite drink and the best way to get any party started.

The day of the wedding, my bridesmaids and I had a relaxing morning of hair and makeup (and a lot of techno music) while the groom and his groomsmen went snorkeling. Around 4:00pm, we all jumped into a caravan of rental cars and headed off to the first sight location which was a beautiful tropical flower garden. From there, we all headed to the ceremony location, Mount Washington Plantation. It is an old sugar mill that is peaceful, secluded, and private. And of course, unbelievably beautiful. Our wedding started at roughly 5:30pm, just as the sun was beginning to set and created a perfect atmosphere, and the ceremony lasted a whooping 10 minutes as planned. We had written our own vows and made the whole experience completely intimate and personalized.

From there, everyone headed to our home to get the cocktail hour started for the reception while we headed off for some “just married” photos on the beach. We headed to the house quickly after and had drinks and tons of laughs with all our guests.

After dinner, we headed down the street to the beach which is only a few minutes away, had a huge bonfire lit and music blaring and were ready to party. The tiki torches set the perfect mood for a great island after party. We finished the night off by releasing Chinese lanterns (the first in honor of my father that passed away weeks prior to the wedding).

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed 2

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed 3

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed 4

What were you looking for in a dress?

When I started my search, I thought I wanted something more sparkle/bling/showy leaning with straps, but after trying on a few of those dresses, my best friend and I quickly learned that was not the right path at all. Luckily, my best friend saw a dress hanging and told me to try it on to which the attendant replied, “oh, that’s my favorite dress in the whole shop.” Being an extremely decisive person, the second I put the “Vogue Sex and the City Scene” dress on, I looked at the woman and said, “yep. this is it. no questions asked.” and we were done in that moment. It was a strange feeling because the dress was simultaneously nothing like what I had imagined and yet everything I had been looking for in its own way and at the same time. I wanted “art deco, beaded vibe” and what I got was that and so much more given the embellishments and the nod to art deco style in some of the patterns on the dress. The dress was better than anything I could have dreamed and I was so lucky to have been able to get it. It was more than luck actually, it undoubtedly had to have been fate.

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed 5

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed 6

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed 7

How do you feel your dress was cohesive with the atmosphere of your wedding?

The theme of the wedding was intimate and luxurious, with a relaxed beach vibe. The dress was luxury and yet relaxed at the same time. It doesn’t have boning or any uncomfortable restrictive pieces and is surprisingly light and comfortable. And yet, with the embellishments and the impeccable craftsmanship of it, you can tell within moments of looking at it that it is something special, that it is something to be personally and intimately admired. The dress, in all honesty, would look beautiful regardless of the setting. As illustrated by Sex and the City, it can be on the pages of Vogue, or on the beach, or in a beautiful hotel banquet hall; it is really just that one-of-a-kind fashion that is truly limitless.

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed 8

Oscar de la Renta Nearly Newlywed 9

Nearly Newlywed now has this incredibly unique Oscar de la Renta gown as seen in the Sex and the City movie, avaible preowned for you to wear on your wedding day!


Photographer- Dalen Nicole




Our Nearly Newlywed Real Wedding bride, Parnian, brought some European flare to her Los Angeles wedding.  Her Rivini “Elizabetta” gown reflected the simple, tasteful elegance of the entire evening.

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed

Describe your wedding day!
We got married at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. We viewed many upscale hotel venues and they all seemed a bit generic. The moment my fiancé and I walked into the Biltmore’s gorgeous lobby and main hallway, we knew that it was the perfect fit for us. My husband loves the classic look of “Mad Men”, and as a person who loves travel and architecture, I adored the Biltmore’s European charm. The hotel’s ornate interior set the tone for a stylish wedding. Our wedding ceremony and reception took place in the Emerald and Gold rooms. The day was filled with energy, love, and excitement. It was lovely to share this wonderful milestone with so many family and friends, and it was amazing to see all of the event details come together so beautifully after months of planning. Our officiant was a judge with whom my husband worked and we were delighted to be her first wedding ceremony! Her enthusiasm was infectious. Our wonderful band kept the dance floor full all night and it seemed that all of our guests enjoyed delectable food, drinks, and dancing.

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 2

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 3

What was your favorite detail of your dress?
I loved the chiffon layers on the bodice, and the train was an appropriate length with a two-layer trim, which made it aesthetically interesting. The silk and chiffon fabric made the gown feel luxurious. I felt like I floated in the dress as I walked. The gown fit perfectly and I loved how the character of the dress felt more modern when we bustled the train in a French bustle for the reception.

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 4

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 5

What advice would you give to a bride to be?
Stay organized, negotiate with vendors to get the most for your money, try to enjoy the planning even when it may feel stressful, know that the details can be streamlined and will fall into place, stay true to yourself so that the wedding reflects you and your spouse individually and as a couple, and remember that the wedding is just a dinner party in the end. Plan for the marriage, not just the party, so the marriage will be as successful as the wedding reception!

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 6

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 7

How did you and your husband meet? Tell us your love story!
Much to my amusement (and my husband’s chagrin), I do not remember meeting him. As he tells it, we sat next to each other in our first class on the first day of law school. We were acquaintances, and I did not take much notice of him, other than the occasional conversation. According to him, at the beginning of our third year of law school, he mobilized the courage to ask for my phone number. I did not think much of it when he invited me to meet for coffee. After talking for six hours at the coffeehouse, I felt things change between us. He was so delightfully different – bright, articulate, intellectually curious, ambitious, industrious, kind, attentive, and had a wonderful sense of humor. A few days later, he invited me for a dessert date and we closed the restaurant down after talking for hours. On that evening, I knew I would marry this man one day. Years later, he proposed to me at the same table, covered with rose petals and candles, at the dessert place where we fell in love. Our love story will be a cute tale to tell our grandchildren many years from now.

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 8 Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 9

Rivini Elizabetta Nearly Newlywed 10

This Rivini “Elizabetta” gown along with the pictured veil are now available gently used through Nearly Newlywed!


Venue: Millennium Biltmore Hotel
Cake: Fantasy Frostings
Flowers: The Hidden Garden
Band: Impact, DeBois Entertainment
Photography: Tony Florez Photography
Hair/Makeup: Curt Darling Salon

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