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We love when couples incorporate a special passion of their into their wedding day and for Kate & Adrian, it’s definitely their appreciation for travel. Today’s NN Real Bride – Kate, share details of her & Adrian’s picturesque destination wedding in Alghero, a small town in Italy.


1. What were you searching for in a dress for your big day?

I started with a picture of a dress I wanted when I was 16! What I ended up with was very different! I was looking for something light and easy to wear with a clean, elegant line and an open back. I tried on everything in all price ranges from $700 to $13,000. The Marina was by far the best. There was nothing to tug at or pull up – no fidgeting required! I didn’t need any special undergarments and I didn’t have to lace up a corset. On the day of the wedding my mom and friends zipped the dress up and we were off! I felt elegant and glamorous while feeling comfortable and myself.


2. What is your favorite detail about the Lela Rose Marina dress?

My favorite detail about the dress is definitely the lace. The quality is exquisite.



3.What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Having all of our friends and family around us. It was really special. We had guests fly thousands of miles for our big day. And additionally, the warmth and care we got from the people of Alghero. The mother of our restaurant owner made us cookies that are a specialty of the region – dyed to match our wedding colors! Not something I would have thought of, but they were a lovely surprise. After the wedding dinner, we went to a bar to cut the cake and party until the morning. When it was time for champagne, we were surprised to see a Master Saberer who sabred open a magnum of champagne! It was spectacular!


4. How did you decide on your ceremony/ reception venue?

It was Adrian’s idea! We have made many trips together, but Sardinia is our favourite destination. It is one of the only place we have gone back to. The people are warm and welcoming, the beaches are gorgeous and the food is wonderful! We wanted to share our favorite place with close friends and family for our wedding.


5. How did you and your new husband meet? Tell us your love story.

We met in early 2006 while living in the same building in London. You would think that a building comprised of studio flats in West London would be full of recent graduates, like Adrian (who moved to London for his first job out of university) or graduate school students like me (I moved to London from Denver to get my MA). However, it turns out that this particular building (we affectionately refer to it by the street number, 101) was full of idiosyncratic residents.

We ran into each other for the first time while getting mail in the entry hall. I was relieved to find an approachable resident in 101. Then fate took over – Adrian got locked out. He came knocking on my door early one morning. I was very security conscious and didn’t want to answer, but he was persistent. He asked to use my internet so he could email his boss to explain why he would be late to work.

We spent the summer doing favors for one another (for example, he would get my mail while I was traveling). Our studio flats were so small that we used nearby Holland Park as our living room. As the weather got warmer, we would pick up sandwiches from the local grocery store and walk up to the park. We would spend the day there reading, soaking up fresh air and precious sun. Soon we were spending so much time together, it was undeniable that there was something more to it than just being neighborly.

Then we started traveling together. Our first trip was to Berlin…in February! It was bitterly cold. I wore two coats! I was so excited to be there and we even took a side trip to Dessau to visit the Bauhaus, which Ade arranged. We are both very independent people but surprisingly, we discovered that we were natural travel companions.

Since those early days in ’101′, we have come to share more than just a passion for travel. Adrian always enjoyed running – something I never liked or felt I could be good at. He runs pretty much every day. I had come to respect his opinion so much, I thought there must be something to his routine. So, I started running. I could barely cover the length of a football pitch at first. But Ade supported my initial interest, and over time, running evolved into a way of life for me. I run nearly every morning now. Last year, among other races, I completed half marathons in Vienna and Brussels in 2012.
Adrian proposed in Istanbul in May 2012. Although we had been dating for so long, it was still a wonderful surprise. He waited until the end of a day of great tourism. We were back in the hotel room and then he popped the question. The best part? Just by chance, our hotel room number was 101.


6. What was in your bouquet?

White peonies


7. What is your number one tip or piece of advice or brides-to-be?

Do what makes you two happy; then focus on the details you care about and let the rest go. I didn’t look at a lot of bridal magazines. It was important for me that the look and feel of the wedding be authentically ‘us’ – not borrowed from anyone else.

Thanks, Kate so much for sharing photos & stories! Her gorgeous Lela Rose dress is available here.

Interview by Erin Rapp 


We cannot resist a good New York City wedding. This real wedding of Erin blows us away – from the Monique Lhuillier dress to the Central Park photo op – we’re sitting here hoping to receive a NYC wedding invite very soon.


1. What were you searching for in a dress for your big day?

I think I was looking for something that was both unusual and fresh but also timeless. I loved dresses that were unique and couture but also wanted to look back on pictures and not feel that the dress was dated.


2. What is your favorite detail about the Monique Lhuillier ‘Sunday Rose’ gown?

Not surprisingly, the silk rose details were my favorite part of my dress. I loved the unique detail and the interesting volume they gave to the gown.


3. Did you include any DIY projects into your big day?

My mom and I did the programs for the ceremony ourselves. We bought some beautiful, heavy paper and ribbon and printed out all the programs and put them together with a group of friends and family. They turned out beautifully!



4. How did you decide on your ceremony/ reception venue?

The ceremony was at my parents’ church in NYC, also where I was baptized, which made the service even more special. We were looking for something very “old New York” for the venue, and when we visited the University Club knew we’d found exactly that with the wood paneling, gilded ceiling and soft lighting.


5. What is your number one tip or piece of advice or brides-to-be?

Without question, WEAR FLATS. I brilliantly decided to ignore this advice and wear 4 inch heels but ended up ditching them 15 minutes after the ceremony and going barefoot the rest of the evening.


6. What was your wedding theme?

I wasn’t particularly into the idea of a wedding “theme” per se, but I did have a palette that I liked-  white, ivory and cream flowers, lots of greenery and candles and formal silverware and candlesticks.The space was already so beautiful we really didn’t need to add anything major. As I said before, I was drawn to the idea of something something that looked like it could be from “old New York,” Gilded Age elegance.


7. Describe your wedding style.

I think there really is something to the adage you always hear, “something old something new…” I wanted to look timeless and elegant but also keep the look young and unique.


Thanks so much to Erin for sharing! Her Monique Lhuillier Sunday Rose gown is available for sale here.

Photography by Ira Lippke Studios

Interview by Erin Rapp 

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